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Dynasty 2017 English Series Review


Sneha Bhat
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This series was in my Netflix recommendations for months. Well, I guess netflix knows my flair for drama. So I finally took the plunge and started watching it. And I was hooked on right from the first episode.

The series is a kind of spin off on the original with the same name released in 1989 ( which I have not seen) It is mainly about the super rich Carringtons, who own almost the half of Atlanta and throw money at whatever they cannot buy. The family consists of Blake Carrington, the tycoon, his spoilt but successful daughter Fallon, a kind son who wants to make the world a better place, a devoted butler Anders who handles more than just the house and a new step mommy Crystal who has a shady past.

Season 1 is especially a roller coaster, too many new charcters in every episode, new twists, extra marital affairs, old secrets, lost children, enemities. Too much happening all at once, the moment you think finally everything is fine, a new trouble or scandal will be lurking away somewhere. I especially loved the Season 1 and finished it up in 2 days straight. The storylines are interesting, twists are good, suspense element is high.

But from season 2 things start to get a bit cray cray. It started to seem that I was watching something from the Indian prime time serials. People coming back from dead, plastic surgeries, more affairs, unbelievable tracklines, people loosing their memory or pretending to be sick…phew. I seriously questioned the script, directors and even the actors and also the high rating this series has on IMDB and others. But I will say one thing, you will be entangled in the mess of Carrington lives and its hard to stop.

Season 3 picks up on a good note and is much plausible and watchable than season 2. But still they most definitely do not match the standard that was set by the season 1.

Also, I found quite a lot of similarities between Dynasty and Gossip Girl. Same ultra rich elite crowd with their rich people problems. Scandals, affairs, spoilt kids, neglecting moms and sexy wardrobes. All actors are play their part well but the one that shines throughout is Fallon Carrington played by Elizabeth Gillies. She play the rich spoilt, vindictive, scheming, mean and rude girl but inspite of everything still a very likeable character. Very much like Blair Warldorf from Gossip Girl. Also for the people who keep complaining about diversity on American shows, well this one more than takes care of it.

When I was watching season 2, I decided I was going to rate this series 2 or max 2.5. But as I progressed, and found just how addictive this series is – my view and rating both changed. Now I am eagerly waiting for season 4 which is currently ongoing. Netflix, are you listening?

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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