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Dobara Alvida

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If you are now well acquainted with the reviews at PopcornReviewss, you would be aware that we would love to give a voice to smaller films and even short films. It has been a while since we have reviewed a short film and so I decided to watch this brand new short film which is now out on Youtube called Dobara Alvida. So here we go!

Story & Screenplay

Dobara Alvida follows the story of a man and a woman with a past who happen to bump into each other in a cab. The story has this sense of nostalgia to it although a bittersweet one. We all know how awkward it would be to just randomly bump into your ex especially if you are not on talking terms. This story treads a similar trajectory. The screenplay is conversational which is why it was a risky proposition. And it relied on two brilliant actors to actually make it work(more on them later). Through their conversations we get to know them a little better. It seemed neither of them had a proper closure which is actually hurtful. The entire cab journey takes you on this relatable nostalgic ride where you would possible imagine yourself in the cab initially exchanging glances, to an ice breaker and eventually addressing the elephant in the room. To finally a goodbye filled with sorrow and solitude. This is where the emotions lie in the script and it is tapped perfectly. The screenplay is excellent.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The Dialogues are conversational as mentioned earlier and very well penned. They literally flesh out the past of the two protagonists and the relationship that they shared much like many couples do. The music is excellent with that one song at the end gently tugging the strings of your heart. Director Shashank Singh has done an excellent job. The film is all about emotions and the director is able to tap into them well. Full marks to the director keeping things real and relatable.


The performances are excellent. Swara Bhaskar yet again proves why she is such a terrific actor. So many emotions needed to be carried out in a limited screentime and she portrays her role beautifully. Gulshan Devaiah is one of my favourite actors and it is so refreshing to watch him ease through his role so effortlessly everytime. Here as a broken yet flawed soul, he makes the character so relatable that you almost imagine yourself in his place. So technically, it was me(and you) in the movie all along! Brilliant acting and they literally create magic together. And the chemistry which they share is beautiful that always ends in a heartbreak much like a few love stories.


Dobara Alvida is a bittersweet tale of heartbreak that gently tugs the strings of your heart. Available on Youtube and Highly Recommended.

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