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Dial 100

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We are finally at the weekend and when we ring in the weekend, you know the drill don’t you? Quite a few new releases, so lets get started. But before that a round of applause to our Indian Contingent at The Tokyo Olympics 2020 who have played out of their skins and have successfully caught the imagination of the nation. Well played everyone and heads up, we are always proud of you! And with that lets get back to the review. First up I have finished watching the new Hindi Film Dial 100 on Zee5. It stars one of my favourites Manoj Bajpayee in his third outing as a cop this year. Its trailer seemed interesting, is the film worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Set in Mumbai, Dial 100 follows the story of a strange call received by the Police Control Room by a mysterious woman. What follows next is a long and stormy night. The story isn’t very novel and if you are a cinephile, there would be plenty of similar stories that you would have witnessed on the silver screen. Plus, I had a major issue with the trailer, although it was interesting. It revealed far too many plot points which otherwise would have been decent to good  ones while watching the film. The production houses really need to be assured in not cutting trailers as if it will reveal the entire plot. The screenplay is a bit of a mixed bag. It begins on a slow note with long scenes between a few characters. It slightly picks up pace in the middle before again slowing down towards the backend. The issue with the screenplay was that it was predictable. I could guess the twists from a mile away. Yes, some parts of the climax was unexpected, but overall it was predictable. On the positive front, some parts are quite engaging and will keep you booked. But the slackened and inconsistent pacing does remain a thorn in the flesh. The premise is extremely good but an above average screenplay is how I would put it.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are alright but I really wish better and more engaging lines were penned. It wasn’t quite on point here. The BGM is quite impressive and minimally used just how I like and appreciate it. Director Rensil D’Silva has done a fair job here. Though he hasn’t quite nailed it but his direction is pretty good here.


It is the performances that save the day here. Sakshi Tanwar as Prerna is such a natural onscreen. I really wish we get to watch more of her often and in meaty parts like this one. Neena Gupta as Seema is outstanding and her stoic expressions really have a sense of intimidating you. Manoj Bajpayee as Nikhil in his third role as a cop/spy is probably the best actor on display! He makes each of his role look so different from the other. Here, he could so easily have been the same shadow of his earlier roles. But he brings in many elements in what turns out to be a masterclass in acting.


Dial 100 is a one time watch with stellar performances from its leads. Available on Zee5.

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