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dear comrade 2019 romantic movie

Dear Comrade

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The movie begins with Bobby aka Chaitanya Krishna heavily drunk, dejected, and angry. He is unable to come to terms with the fact that his girlfriend Lilly doesn’t want him in her life any more. The story now goes into flashback mode where Bobby is a leftist student union leader at a college in Kakinada that deals with severe anger management issues. He’s a rebel without a cause like his grandfather Comrade Suryam. He fights with a local politician Bulliah’s brother due to whom a girl from his college attempts suicide on repeated torture from him to reciprocate his love.

He even spends a night in the lock-up with his friends over this. While returning he runs into Lilly aka Aparna Devi who causes him a minor accident and as compensation, Bobby takes away all her money to fix his bike. He returns home and gets to know that Lilly was in fact his childhood friend, (cousin of his neighbour’s daughter Jaya) who has come to attend Jaya’s wedding. Lilly keeps heartily teasing Bobby over his earlier infatuation with Jaya. During a local cricket match, Bobby discovers that Lilly is in fact a state-level cricket player. He gets thoroughly impressed by her and slowly starts to fall for her. During a small party held in the union office to celebrate their team’s victory, Lilly sees Bobby getting into a heated argument with a student political leader and despite her requests to walk away from it, Bobby engages in a fistfight. Lilly realises that Bobby has anger management issues and tries to tell him to handle and resolve conflicts internally rather than enter into fights with others. She also reveals that she had a brother who had lost his life a few years back in a college campus clash and that Bobby’s campus fights brought back those painful memories.

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