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Crackdown (Season 2)

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
2.5 Star popcorn reviewss


It is still a Wednesday but unfortunately the content that I have watched through the week has been kind of disappointing. None of the content apart from the Malayalam film Pachuvum Athbutha Vilakkum have really stood their ground which has kind of resulted in a lethargic week(so far). Having said that, I did have high hopes from the new Hindi series, the second season of Crackdown which is now streaming on Jio Cinema.

I had watched the first season of Crackdown during the lockdown and while the show didn’t really have anything new to offer, it did deliver on what it had promised. The proceedings were edge of the seat stuff and it did make for a compelling viewing. The cliffhanger did make me wait for its second season for a while now, and finally after the Jio-Voot merger, the series did finally find its way on the Jio Cinema OTT. So then I did venture into the second season of Crackdown with a lot of hope. Does it live upto my expectations, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

The second season of Crackdown aka Crackdown 2 picks up from the same point where season one had ended. The plot here focuses on the a plane being hijacked and taken to Afghanistan where a new enemy awaits the IB team back home with an even stranger demand. What happens next? The story is interesting but it isn’t anything that you haven’t watched already. And so I was more looking forward to the screenplay to create tense moments like in the first season. Unfortunately, the screenplay standing at 8 episodes of roughly 30 odd minutes each flatters to deceive and is nowhere close to that in season one.

The drama itself begins on a skiddy note wherein it did succumb to the creative dilemma on whether to reboot the world or to just continue with the momentum of the first season. This is often a challenge for most series and this one did end up being kind of middling. So you are reintroduced to the old characters while being introduced to a few new ones. The problem is that the new characters needed a little bit of the world building themselves in order to invest in them. And when that doesn’t happen(or rather is kept under wraps as a mystery for the final act), you are disconnected in the drama.

The proceedings are watchable but the writing isn’t focused enough to keep you invested. In fact, the events were a little too scattered for my liking as opposed to being focused to the main plot. A couple of subplots did not quite add up to the main plot too and rest assured the main plot would have been unaffected had those not been there too. My point was on utilizing that time in creating a tense hostage situation which would have resulted in a compelling viewing. Another drawback was the characterization here of most characters. Most of them were one-dimensional and that made the drama that much more simplier as opposed to being layered. And what a simplified drama needed was to create those moments that did not arrive until the thrilling final act.

The final act of the drama does save the drama to an extent of giving it a ‘watchable’ status. It was left too far late in the day but the flashback portions did have a good purpose and it did make for a compelling watch. It almost resurrected the drama from the dead which was some much needed good news for the second season. Also, what it did was setup things really well for its third season which I am assuming might be the last. But that doesn’t quite take away from the fact that the drama was found wanting for most parts of the duration. On the hindsight, I wished the flashback to be executed like a parallel track which would have made for a significantly better impact in what eventually was a disappointing screenplay.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are decent but still infused with words like ‘Janaab'(although in control). Time to upgrade, may I add! The BGM is good enough to add bouts of energy to the proceedings. The cinematography should have been better, the VFX is quite poor, something that doesn’t reflect well on the budget of the show. Director Apoorva Lakhia doesn’t quite score with the execution which did seem to be half-baked for most parts of the show. He does redeem himself in the final act which marks a mixed day in the office for him.


The performances are a mixed bag here. Ankur Bhatia as Tariq is decent but his character transformation towards the end was a little hard to digest. Eisha Chopra as Shaina and Rashmi Agdekar as Preeti are pretty good. Iqbal Khan as Zorawar is quite good and has a good screen presence too. I quite liked the act of Waluscha D’Sousa who was phenomenal as Garima. Freddy Daruwala as Khalil does impress too. Sonali Kulkarni as Avantika is a good actor but found wanting her. The role didn’t quite suit her too wherein she was animated in so many scenes for no real reason. The consistency was missing. Shriya Pilgaonkar as Divya is decent but I have seen far better performances from her and this wasn’t anywhere near her best. Saqib Salim as Riyaz too isn’t as impressive as he should be. His body language was a little up and down and hence it didn’t come across as an assured act.


The second season of Crackdown is pretty middling and several notches below its first season wherein the writing didn’t quite hit the right notes. Available on Jio Cinema.

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