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Cold Case

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The weekend is still miles away but here we are with a brand new review. And with that I have just finished watching the new Malayalam film Cold Case on Amazon Prime. Its trailer was quite intriguing and I had read in an interview that this film is going to be a hybrid of sorts which basically means different genres eventually merging into one single story. An exciting new concept, is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Cold Case follows two parallel stories, one of a police officer and the other of a journalist both investigating a murder. While one story has an element of mystery, the other has ample elements of horror. This was indeed unexpected as I didn’t go into a movie expecting paranormal elements. The screenplay is begins on a little wobbly note. The first 12-15 minutes, you are left wondering on what is actually been deduced in the drama. It seemed a little scattered – with a skull found and elsewhere the journalist shifting houses after a separation with her husband. It was random. But with the entry of the investigating officer, things begin to pick up pace. You are slowly accustomed to the drama with two parallel tracks doing the rounds. While the investigation gives you thrills, the paranormal elements gives you chills. Well, the horror element is such that it is not novel, you have seen such elements in other films too, but it is not lame either. It is an interesting watch. And the two stories merge towards the end with the revelation of the killer which I found it to be decent, something that could have been written better for a stronger impact. Also, I found the drama just stretching that wee bit in the middle, it could have been trimmed further to bring it to around 2 hours as opposed to 2 hours and 20 minutes. But overall, a good screenplay which was genuinely trying something different.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are engaging and they genenuinely keep you invested in the drama. The music is excellent particularly the hard rock song at the end that goes very well with the sequence that unfolds, setting the mood just right. The BGM is pulsating and it does its bit to heighten the drama. Director Tanu Balak has done a good job though his direction is slightly rough around the edges. It was a complex script to execute, and he is in control more often than not.


The performances are excellent. Suchitra Pillai as Zara Zacchai shines in a nice little cameo. Pooja Mohanraj as Neela lends good support. Athmeeya Rajan as Eva Maria makes her presence felt again in a cameo. Lakshmi Prita Chandramouli as Haritha is terrific and she really leaves a mark. Aditi Balan as Medha had a layered role and she really does full justice to it. Prithviraj Sukumaran as ACP Sathyajith is totally convincing yet again. He is wonderfully restrained and adds a lot if substance to his character.


Cold Case is a chilling murder mystery with a dash of horror. Available on Amazon Prime.

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