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After a small break yesterday, we are back and it is the weekend already. And a whole new set of new releases await us. So lets get to them one by one. First up, I finished watching the Tamil-Telugu bilingual sports drama Clap on SonyLiv. There has been a heavy dose of spprts films which are out recently but again not all of them have been successful. But the few that have worked(for me and may not be commercially) as far as I can jog my memory are the two hindi films 83 and the one released last weekend Jhund. Taking the case of Jhund, it went beyond the realms of a usual sports film simply due to the writers willing to address some genuine issues. This is what is expected from a sports film which just doesn’t only deal with sports. That said  does Clap manage to impress, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Clap follows the story of a man whose dreams of excelling in athletics are cut short following an accident, till he begins coaching a young prodigy. The story here is quite interesting although it does fall in the trap of the usual ingredients required for a sports drama. The screenplay is taut here which is the best part. It wastes almost no time in providing a context to the drama. It gets straight to the point. So the flashbacks shown do not deter the flow of the drama and are just shown as almost like a glimpse. The first half is quite well written with certain sequences which make you feel for the protagonist and also keep you engaged throughout. The crucial plot points are well tackled and all the supposed loose ends and tied well together. The issue though begins in the secomd half although it is still engaging. The conflict between the association and the player with the eventual resolution just seemed a bit half baked and it could have been written better. Also, the pre climax seemed far fetched and somehow did not add up to the eventual drama. The writing began to get slightly cliched although the sequences were gritty and engaging. The twist in the tale is shocking but not entirely unpredictable. Also, the sequences involving athletics did not evoke any sense of excitement. Remember how Bhaag Milkha Bhaag had that adrenaline rush being felt, that was missing. So the screenplay is a bit of a mixed bag here.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

<span;>The dialogues are quite well penned and they leave the desired impact. The music is melodious and really one of the pillers of the film. The BGM is just about average and could have been much better. The cinematography especially the one featuring the sport is a bit of a letdown. Certain long shots of running did not help its cause at all. Director Prithivi Adithya does a good job here in keeping things engaging even though there were a few flaws in the writing.


The performances are pretty good and hide some of the flaws of the writing. Prakash Raj shines in a cameo although his role seemed to be slightly similar to the one in Enemy. Nasser and Brahmaji are both excellent and bring out their menacing side pretty well although the former’s character was a touch underwritten. Aakanksha Singh as Mithya looks pretty and conveys a lot of emotions through her eyes. She is fabulous to watch. Krisha Kurup as Bagyalakshmi is equally brilliant and oozes of innocence. The screen presence which she displays is excellent and she manages to hold your attention throughout. Aadhi as Vishnu(in the telugu version) delivers a memorable act which stays with you after the film is over. You as an audience as almost feel his pain each time he squirms and within the confines of his character, he emerges a winner.


Despite a wobbly second half, Clap is a gritty and engaging sports drama which can be watched once. Available on SonyLiv.

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