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Chotushkone 2014 Bengali Thriller Movie Review


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The movie begins with an unknown woman writing a suicide note and then hanging herself from a ceiling fan. A man is seen holding hands with a kid and staring at the hanging woman. Then in black and white, portraying the past, we see a party at a bar as Nilanjana (Trina) and her cynical boyfriend Ritwick (Dipto) argue about parties and movies. Then the movie starts in the present where Joy discusses about making a movie with a producer (Mr. Gupta). He calls Trina and tries to convince her to work alongside Shakyo, her ex-lover Dipto and him to make a movie of four short films. Shakyo and Dipto argue about films and then asks him to work with Trina. The four of them meet at Joy’s house where he tells them that they have to go to Henry’s island, Bakkhali to present their respective scripts to the producer, the common theme of their stories being death.

That evening, Shakyo and Dipto discuss their stories. Shakyo tells Dipto that he will pitch an old story he once wrote about a TV serial writer, who kills his characters in a brutal way, suffers from a heart attack on seeing his dead characters, and dies. On their journey to Bakkhali, Trina and Joy discuss about Dipto’s downfall. Dipto talks on the phone and barely misses an accident and finds his plot. He tells the story of a man who is a cigarette addict and gets run over by a car when he goes out to buy cigarettes at midnight. Their car breaks down and they take shelter in a bungalow that belongs to Mr. Gupta. Trina tells her story where a dead woman calls on the spirits of alive people by planchette. Next morning, Joy tells them the story of his brother who lost his mind, and his wife who died because Trina, Dipto and Shakyo abandoned his brother’s movie due to their differences. He intends to kill them: sits them across a table and plays Russian roulette. However, the gun accidentally misses Trina and hits Joy. He dies. The movie ends as Trina and Dipto go to meet Joy’s brother (Mr. Gupta) in a mental hospital where he cannot recognise them.

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