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Chernobyl 1986 2021 English Romantic Movie Review

Chernobyl 1986

Neha Unadkat
3.5 Star popcorn reviewss


As soon we saw Chernobyl 1986 on Netflix, few thoughts which would have come across alot of minds would be, is it better than Chernobyl series? Soo nice there is a movie, we can watch in short about Chernobyl, why was it released when Chernobyl series captured everything? So on and so forth. But can we really compare the two? I don’t think so. Chernobyl 1986 is a completely different perspective. Let’s see how it goes…


The movie starts with love story between Alexey who is a firefighter and Olgo who works at a local barbershop in the city of Pripyat. Olga was Alexey’s former lover 10 years ago and has a son together which Alexey wasn’t aware of earlier. Alexey was great at his professional career, but struggled with his personal life. Alexey had applied for transfer to another city called Kiev and on his transfer day there was an explosion at the Nuclear plant. This explosion was captured by Olga’s son on his camera and suffered health issues later because of inhalation of radioactive chemicals during the explosion. Quite a few firefighters from all the nearby firestations reach the plant site to stop fire, but their health deteriorates more time they spent near the reactor. As the chemicals spread in the atmosphere the government officials start implementing all the possible measures to protect the civilians. One of the most important mission to minimize the impact was to drain out the water reservoir which could affect the entire Europe. Since Alexey’s career was as a reactor fire fighter he was very well aware of the nuclear plants corridors. He and Valera were the main man for this mission. He first denied to go on this mission by risking his life, but when he realised that his son need special treatment in Switzerland, he made a deal with the officers that he will go to drain the reservoirs if they send his son for treatment. The story revolves around how Chernobyl incident affected people’s lives.


Danila Kozlovsky as Alexey is the lead actor and director for this film. For me he did better acting than direction for this film. This series might not be his career best, but it was a decent depiction of the story he wanted to share. Whereas, Oksana Akinshina as Olga seemed to have done something better in the film. I wasn’t able to feel the connection with her character though. I would say other supporting characters did the best they would but majority of them were underwritten.

Direction & Screenplay

Chernobyl 1986 is written from a very different perspective. It involves around the lives of people living the tragedy and the struggles which they went through and not about the incident as such. May be because the writer wanted to cover everything possible in 2.5 hrs they tried to capture the essence of the impact from the story of a reactor fire fighter and his personal life troubles. Definitely it could have been much better if we were showed the true impact on lives of people rather than just one love story.


If you have not watched the HBO Chernobyl series, than this movie will be good for you. But if you wish to have true information about Chernobyl incident and have already watched Chernobyl series, this movie will not keep up with your expectation.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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