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As you would have rightly noticed, there were a handful reviews only put up this week. For those who missed me, yes I was on a break. I still am on a break but as much as you missed me and my reviews, I too missed penning them. So I decided to pen a few reviews before I return from my break. So there maybe slight delays in new reviews but I can assure you, you will find them on popcornreviewss.com soon! And first up, I have finished watching the Hindi movie Chehre which premiered on Amazon Prime last night. Yes, like Bell Bottom this too was a casualty of a limited theatrical release owing to the theatres closed in Maharashtra. The good news though is that the theatres are reopening from 22nd of this month and we may not have to wait for the OTT release anymore. But then before that lets review Chehre, is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Chehre follows the story of a stormy night when a man takes shelter at a nearby cottage where a strange twist awaits him there. The story is quite interesting especially with the spectacular setup. Here I must admit that I found the trailer a tad underwhelming but once I finished the film, I can safely say that the storytelling is quite unique. Often it becomes tricky when the entire story unfolds in a single location with the simple reason being that the film can become monotonous. But the screenplay here is pretty engaging. This is a dialogue heavy screenplay with most of the story unfolding through dialogues so this may not appeal to many. This requires some amount of focus and attentiveness to sit through the screenplay thereby focussing on the smaller details. The first half is almost a slow buildup but it is still intriguing as you are fascinated to know on what happens next. Come the second half and through a series of flashbacks, the game becomes interesting and more clear on where this is headed. I for one expected a twist in the tale towards the end. And here I was disappointed. Not only did the twist not come but the writing seemed convenient and underwhelming towards the end. But overall this is still an engaging watch!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

This is a dialogue heavy film and the dialogues are pretty engaging for most parts. If anything then towards the end, things do get a little preachy. But this is still a green mark for the dialogues in the report card. The music is alright and the BGM is minimally used almost allowing the setting to get the limelight as far as the impact is concerned. Director Rumi Jaffery has done a pretty good job here almost enticing the audience into the drama with its slow buildup that generates a lot of interest. The use of atmosphere is also pretty well used. All in all a good day in the office.


The performances are brilliant by the stellar cast. Siddhant Kapoor as Joe is stoic and doesn’t speak a word but it is exactly this that makes him intimidating. Dhritiman Chatterjee as Acharya is brilliant and I always enjoy listening to his diction. Krystle D’Souza is quite good as Natasha in a slightly underwritten role. And needless to say she looks pretty too in a role that demands exactly that! Rhea Chakraborty as Anna does a fine job here. Even in a limited capacity she has many shades to her character and she does full justice to it. Raghubir Yadav as Hariya is outstanding and it is such a pleasure watching him onscreen as always. Annu Kapoor aa Paramjeet Singh Bhullar is brilliant and quite a natural onscreen. Emraan Hashmi as Sameer is yet again proving his credentials as an actor. He is simply brilliant here and stands his own amomg some stalwarts. Amitabh Bachchan as Zaidi yet again delivers a sparkling performance. The 10 minute monologue towards the end might seem far fetched but the way he holds the attention of the audience is a sign of what a brilliant actor he is! Yet another towering performance in yet another acting masterclass.


Despite an underwhelming final act, Chehre is an engaging watch that will keep you invested right until the end. Available on Amazon Prime.

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