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Many of you would be knowing that the Tamil flick Maara is releasing this weekend on Amazon Prime. Maara is an official adaptation of the 2015 Malayalam flick Charlie. Now I had watched Charlie almost 2 years ago and days before Maara releases I have decided to review Charlie. So the billion dollar question, is it worth your time? Stay tuned to find out.

Story & Screenplay

Charlie is the story of Tessa who is in pursuit of a mysterious man called Charlie, by whom she is fascinated by. It is a love story but a very different one, something you may not have experienced before. It is almost magical, the stuff fairy tales are made up of. The screenplay takes some amount of time to warm up. At the very beginning, you need some amount of patience to be acquainted with the world around. But once you are fully acquainted with it, it just sucks you in. There are multiple subplots that evoke that sense of feel good factor. Some of them are philosophical and just allow you to resonate about the hidden concepts of life. And that climax truely makes you fall in love with the two protagonists.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are philosophical. They do touch your heart and teach you a lesson or two about life. This is a musical and the music is truely phenomenal here. The direction by Martin Prakkat is so good that you can’t help but fall in love with the characters. He successfully manages to melt your heart.


All performances are excellent but the story hinges on the two main protagonists. Paravathy as Tessa is such a natural. There are so many layers to her character and each one of them are portrayed beautifully. Dulquer Salmaan as Charlie is just so charming be it his smile or his acting. He is one character that had an element of mystery attached to him. And he perfectly blends into it effortlessly.


It is not just a one off but Malayalam Industry have truely made it a habit of making something different in a conventional mould. Their story telling technique is phenomenal. And Charlie is not anything different. It is just magical and a treat to watch. Available on MX Player and Highly Recommended.

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