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Chak De India 2007 Hindi Sports Movie Review

Chak De! India

Shraddha Dedhia Featured Writers
Shraddha Dedhia
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It is very recent that over the weekend we were cheering up and crying in joy for our hockey girls for doing amazing at the Olympics. Though we try to ignore, but yet each one of us in the Chak De India Moment. A movie that can bring every emotion to the audience is Chak De. The film deals with India’s much ignored national sports – Hockey.


The movie begins with India losing a hockey match to our arch-rivals Pakistan and the media creating all controversies out of it to blame the then India Captain Kabir Khan. Being determined to not give-up no matter how many years it takes, the movie fast forwards 10 years later where Captain Kabir Khan is now gearing up to become the coach of Indian Women’s Hockey team.

The movie then moves forward to how Coach Kabir Khan not only builds a team, but also a character amongst the girls. The first and the foremost lesson that he teaches the girls is to play for the country and not individual states. Initially each of these girls who have indeed joined the National Team for some agenda resists Kabir Khan’s behaviour. However, gradually the coach brings dedication and discipline amongst the girls who lacked direction. The bunch of individual girls are now a TEAM – They are now Indian Women’s Hockey team and not young women representing any state.

Cut to the happy endings – This team go ahead to win the Hockey World Cup for India. There are various matches played and with each match coach comes up with strategies that leaves an impact on the public in many ways. Whether it is considering that experienced players are needed for important matches or ‘goal samne wale ke dimag pe karo’ or making the team realize that India is above all egos and personal agenda.

Cast & Crew

The casting has been brilliant. Originally the movie was supposed to star Salman Khan in the lead and everyone must be thankful that it didn’t work out. The simple reason is Shah Rukh Khan has been beyond brilliance in the movie. There are scenes where he has acted with his eyes and we cannot miss out his amazing dialogue delivery at every stage. Kudos to the dialogue writer too, but SRK’s delivery has made each dialogues timeless so much so that at each stage of life, we can see people saying these dialogues.

The rest of the ensemble cast is nothing short of excellent. The casting director has done a fabulous job. While Komal Chautala perfectly resembles a typical Haryani woman, Balbir Kaur has all the Punjabi vibes. The captain Vidya Sharma has been on point. But my personal favourite amongst all was the vampire turned match winner – Bindiya Naik. Besides, Krishnaji has been amazingly casted.

The director of the movie Shimit Amin had already impressed everyone with his magic in Ab Tak Chhappan so the bars were already raised for the movie and to everyone’s surprise, he doesn’t disappoint anyone. Directing a movie that has some 16 debutants and protagonist and above all has a cast which that doesn’t even have knowledge of acting requires patience and magic. This is where he has impressed everyone. None of the actors look under performed.


The album of the movie was released with a rare inclusion of the ‘Sattar Minute’ dialogue. The songs penned down by Jaideep Sahni and music composed by ‘Salim Suleiman’ made the album 11th highest selling track of the year. Each song has made a lasting impression for everyone.

While Baadal Pe Pau is an instant motivation and happiness overloaded song, Maula Mere Le Le Mari jaan touches your soul. Since the time, the title track – Chak De India has released, there would not been any exams which I appear without listening to this magic. The lyrics – Zid Hai Na, Tass Hai Ji can make people work harder in every way. Can’t write a Chak De review without giving credits to Sukhwinder Paaji for his energy here.

My Take

Chak De India has been a movie which I would have seen every time India wins a cricket, Olympic or a hockey match or everytime I want some instant motivation. A film that has feddle patriotism, fight against gender bias, rip apart class distinctions and has made a valid criticism on regional chauvinism, minority bashing and then above all has kept each one of us entertained throughout the 3 hours. A must watch irrespective you are or aren’t a sports fan. For me, this movie is 5/5 star for it’s direction, casting, acting, songs and dialogues.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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