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We are still a day away from the weekend but the festive season is here. And with that we at Popcorn Reviewss wish you a very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi in Advance. And with this festive season, there are ample amount of releases which will push us to work overtime in bringing the latest reviews of series and films for you to choose from. And with that I finished watching the new series Candy, the latest offering from Voot Select which are slowly gathering momentum again as far as new content is concerned. A spine chilling murder mystery is exactly something that I would be looking forward to after a long day’s work provided it is exciting enough. Is Candy nail-biting enough to leave me with no nails(not that I have any anyway), lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Set in a scenic mountain valley, Candy follows the story of a spine chilling murder which has taken place following which an investigation is carried out. Who is the killer? The story is quite interesting and it also has a folklore attached to it which makes it a mouth watering murder mystery. The screenplay here is extremely engaging here right from the opening scene. The murder which has taken place does send a shiver down your spine. Once the investigation begins, you are on your toes playing the guessing game. The slow simmering tension in the cold mountains add the right amount of atmospherics to this drama. The pace is slow thereby allowing the audience to carefully study each character. Standing at 8 episodes of roughly 35 to 40 minutes each, there is a cliffhanger at the end of most episodes. There are ample amount of twists and turns to keep you absolutely hooked and booked. A little before the climax, the cat seemed to be out of the bag. A good mystery drama is one where the audience is left guessing right until the very end. I thought the writers may have been found wanting here but the twisted climax featuring a twist in the last 5 minutes came out of nowhere I must admit and for that the screenplay deserves brownie points. In other words, the screenplay is engaging and will engage you throughout.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are quite well penned and they leave a lasting impact for sure. The BGM is good and doesn’t overpower any scene in particular. The camwrawork is worth taking a note of, the aerial shots wonderfully capture the mountain valley. Director Ashish R Shukla who has gems like Undekhi and Bahut Hua Samman to his credit, yet again delivers in style. He adds the right amount of thrills and a hint of a religious element to this brilliantly crafted thriller almost teasing the audience every now and then and thereby keeping them guessing right until the very end.


The performances are absolutely brilliant. Mihir Ahuja as Mehul shines yet again in a well enacted cameo, so do Prasanna Bisht as Ritika and Ayesha Kaduskar as Sahiba and Bodhisattva Sharma as Imran. Vijayant Kohli as Father Marcus is pretty good. Mikhael Kantroo as Luka has his moments to shine. Nakul Roshan Sahdev as Vayu is brilliant and his eccentricities are ones to watch out for. A character who may not be very likable yet there is something to take away as an audience too, really an earnest attempt by Nakul here. Gopal Datt as Headmaster Thomas is brilliant and it is refreshing to see him experimenting with roles that do not have a comic flavour to them. Riddhi Kumar as Kalki is probably the find of the series for me. There are so many shades to her character and she brilliantly captures each one of them. I really hope to see more of her in future as well. Manu Rishi Chadha as Mani Ranaut is stunning. The grey shades to his character are very well exploited by him and it is yet again a memorable act put up by him. Richa Chadha as Ratna is excellent and she is absolutely convincing in the role of the cop, a job well done. And Ronit Roy as Jayant is wonderfully restrained. There were so many instances when he was treading a fine line neither going overboard nor completely restraining himself, just so well balanced. It is yet another towering act by him.


Candy is a spine chilling and twisted murder mystery that is well worth your time. Available on VootSelect and Highly Recommended.

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