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Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 8 2021 Comedy English Series Review

Brooklyn Nine Nine (Season 8)


“A Last Ride”. Yes!!!!!!!! Season finale of Brooklyn Nine Nine premiered on August 12,2021 consisting of 9 episodes. After gaining a lot of appreciation for previous seasons, netizens appealed for Nine Seasons and to end it at Episode 9 Season 9, but NBC announced Season 8 as finale. Most probably the season might release on Netflix next year.

Story and Screenplay

The series continues to revolve around the lives of police detectives at NYPD precinct. The precinct experiences a drastic change due to COVID-19 pandemic and George Floyd protests, where Amy returns after a maternity leave; Jake and Rosa work on a difficult case. Looking at Holt having hard time with Kevin make other detectives sad and they decide to take Captain Holt for a weekend getaway. Amy plans to implement a reform program which puts her in the crosshairs of old school NYPD Union President Frank O’Sullivan. Captain Holt and Amy manages the understaffed precinct, whereas Jake and Charles go for another investigation. With an imperfect balance between childcare and work; both Jake and Amy creates a system to work out things. Now the last few episodes are full of surprises, so not revealing them I’ll just give you a gist. Jake meets his old aquaintance and takes him for a long ride. They reminisce their pasts and sing along. Curious of work and investigation as a police Jake is always in digging up things even if he’s not so involved in the case. When FBI takes over a high profile case, Jake secretly works on it but fails to reach out. Terry, Jake and Charles visit the Boyle Family farm and learns about the True Boyle. Returning from farm, Jake and Amy investigate a difficult case in which a woman accuses a man of sexual assault. The squad remembers their eight years together and look towards future.

Dialogues, music and direction

Talking about the dialogues!!!!!!!!!!! Yes the dialogues hold this show so firmly because it’s just full of humorous, sarcasm and emotions which makes this show engaging and engrossing. It’s music is funky and cool especially with Jake Peralta and Doug Judy. What to say about direction, it’s beyond perfection. Perfectly created and executed. This finale is a ride of all emotions and love.


Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta is apple of my eye. Melissa Fumero as Amy Santiago is smart, caring and adorable. Stephanie as Rosa Diaz is as hot as chilly. Joe Lo Truglio as Charles Boyle is cute, caring and Jake’s biggest fan. Andre Braugher as Captain Holt is a perfect Daptain to their precinct. Terry Crews as Terry himself is strong, powerful and brilliant. Joel McKinnon and Dirk Blocker as Scully and Hitchcock are a bundle of joy. The other supporting cast is also great and did amazing work during all these 8 seasons.


This last ride is hella emotional, sentimental and heart warming. You’ll gonna cry so hard, feel emotional arousal and heart thumping. Na na not just dolorous, this last ride will make you happy, joyful, giggle and glad. A perfect watch for all time. Adios to my favourite show. End of an era.

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Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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