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Brochevarevarura Movie Review 2019 Telugu Comedy


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This film starts with Vishal, an assistant director confirming to launch his debut film, for which he decides approach a star actress Shalini for lead role. As his directorial debut being a low budget film and crew are mostly new to the industry, he could not find the contacts to reach out to the big stars. However, the Vishal manages to get Shalini’s email and sends her a short film of his script. She’s impressed by his pilot gives an appointment to hear his story. They meet in a restaurant where Vishal narrates his story. The scene now moves to a high school college principal Radha Krishna taking his only daughter Mitra to school. There she meets Rahul, Rambabu “Rambo”, and Rakesh “Rocky” famous as ‘R3’ batch who are last benchers and failing their grades for several years. One day they try to steal their answer sheets but they see Mitra sitting in front of the staffroom and were scared as she was the principal’s daughter. So, Rakesh makes up a story about his sick grandmother but the next day Rambo keeps Rakesh’s paper in the staffroom again so the lecturer will believe that they 3 didn’t steal them but the other two thought the same thing and make a fool of themselves in the Chemistry class. Mitra is just like them, in the aspect that she doesn’t have an interest in studying. Instead, she likes classical dance and wants to be a national level dancer. Her parents divorced when she was young and she chose to live with her mother. After her mother passed away she had no other option left to live with her father. She takes a liking to the R3 gang and starts hanging out with them. Disappointed by her low grades, her father decides to enroll her in a Math tuition class which is run by her father’s best friend. Having no rapport with her father, Mitra decides to run away from home to pursue her career. R3 batch supports her decision, and she devises a perfect plan for them to execute. Later her Math teacher takes advantage of her and harasses her sexually. She is sad and tells her father about it, but he dismisses it as pathetic excuse for skipping tuition. Mitra is heartbroken, her father is unable to help her and this makes her question her insecurity. She hatches a fake plan to get herself kidnapped by R3 and use the money to learn dance and run away from home. The R3 gang follow the plan perfectly and secure 10 lakh rupees from Mitra’s father. Later Mitra runs away from home and moves to Hyderabad for living her dream.

Meanwhile R3 gang bash the Math teacher on Mitra’s behalf, and unknowingly injure an innocent person (later revealed as Vishal’s dad). Meanwhile, Radha informs his cop friend Srinu and asks him to investigate on R3. Srinu starts the investigation, but considers R3 as innocent. Mitra is excited to perform on stage and invites R3 to watch her performance. She forgets her phone while leaving for the dance studio. She is kidnapped again, this time by real thugs who are even willing to sell her for human trafficking. The thugs contact R3 for money as Mitra tells them that they are her only point of contact.The R3 batch is worried and decides to beg, borrow or steal money to save Mitra. Vishal narrates half of the script to Shalini and promises to narrate the rest another day after making some minor developments. Later Shalini starts travelling with Vishal for the film, and falls for him. She introduces Vishal to some of the well known people in the film Industry and waits to propose to him for the marriage. Vishal receives a call from his mother, who tells him that his father was met with an accident. They need 10 lakh rupees for the surgery, and Shalini helps him out with the money. She gets the money from the bank by one of her agents, and drives Vishal to his father with the money. Meanwhile, Rocky sees this as an easy opportunity to get 10 lakh rupees for saving Mitra. They pelt a stone on Shalini’s car in route, which leads to a car crash and steal the money. Rahul drops his phone which has the thug’s contact on it at the crash scene (a mentally challenged person picks it up later). Vishal and Shalini are admitted to a local hospital and Vishal is hesitant to ask Shalini for more money for his father’s surgery.

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