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Bonus 2020 Marathi Movie Review


Aishwarya Lakshmi Featured Writer
Aishwarya Lakshmi
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“Bonus is neither dividend nor interest, it’s just a freebie” says Aditya Deodhar. There may be black and white in his statement, but are they so in his intentions? Human beings and principles are known to be best friends in the societal framework. But when the same principles stand in the way of change in attitude for better, will the person succumb to them or rise up to the occasion? – this is illustrated in this beautiful film. 

Aditya Deodhar, played by Gashmeer Mahajani, is the grandson of a successful Industrialist, played by Mohan Agashe, based in Nashik. Aditya and his grandfather share radically different principles regarding giving bonus to their employees, though it has been accorded till that year owing to Senior Deodhar’s belief and understanding of average worker’s financial needs and responsibilities. With the result of 50-50 vote in/vote out session during meeting, proposal of waiting for a month to critically analyse pros and cons of giving bonus is considered.

Meanwhile, Aditya is a person who is convinced of his principles in life – be it ‘a person earns only as much he deserves,’ being vegan and so on. A challenge thrown at him by his grandfather that he will negate the bonus system at the company if Aditya is able to fend off for himself with limited wages for one month, sets him off to live in Mumbai where he is able to manage a house in Koliwada area given the limited wage alert. There are a number of characters in the vicinity who guide him and keep him grounded, one of them being Minal, played by Pooja Sawant, a CA in making. The plot revolves around his life in Koliwada, struggles, little triumphs and budding love. Will Aditya conquest the challenge and will something swap the deal with his principles during the course of his stay is revealed in the rest of the story.

Gashmeer Mahajani plays his character to perfection, believably emoting in all the bits and pieces of Aditya’s personality. Pooja Sawant convincingly portrays forward thinking and matured Minal. Sadly though artists like Mohan Agashe and all the other contemporaries in the Koliwada are not given enough screen space, but shine through their limited screen times. The screenplay has been piloted very wisely and realistic approach has been adopted for the same. The music and the rap employed add to the chaos of Aditya’s personality and the peppy background score is satisfactory. The love angle is not explored at length and adds as a pickle to the plot, necessary but breezy. Even with the ending not exactly a cliff-hanger, you part away wanting some closure.

Do the principles people have in their lives impede their personality growth? Have we built into the notion of different worlds based on class barriers? All of these are incorporated in the plot. The actual difference between empathy and living in the ‘shoes’ you choose to wear because of a challenge is aptly displayed. If you are fan of realistic commercial cinema, this movie is your jam. This movie is an acclamation to lives of people with hand-to-mouth existence. Definitely recommended one time watch.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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