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Bollywood & Observations

Kayomarz Daruwala

Bollywood and Observations – Certain scenes are so well thought, that without any dialogues the audience can grasp the intention of the director.

Family Man

A beautiful capture by Cameron Bryson and so well thought scene by Raj and Dk. A wall between Shrikant and Suchi. Shrikant is crystal clear and Suchi is behind those grilling. Suchi has too many things deep inside. Quite layered and depth. Transparency and Indefinite, in one frame.

Gully Boy

A scene in Gully boy when Murad is sitting in a car and replaces his father as a driver on 31st night. Here, while reaching the destination, he hears how the owner scolds his daughter over academics and at the same time says, even the driver is a graduate. 

When they leave and Murad is sitting alone in the car, there is this reflection of lights on the car and from outside it seems all glossy and inside the car it’s all dark. 

Murad is all alone, silent and at same time people outside cheering for new year. Shows the difference between their lives and a drone shot captures that particular space. 

The car beneath those lights and that vibe, symbolises the angst of Murad and his journey from that dark place to those loud happening places. And here he says, “Apna time ayega!!” Murad (desire) actually desires and enroutes his dreams.


In the movie ‘The Lunchbox’ it has been observed that during all the initial meets between Irrfan and Nawaz, they both contradict their shirt patterns. Irrfan right throughout this film wears plain shirts whereas Nawaz is seen wearing checks initially. 

In these scenes their bond didn’t grow much, it took time and gradually it got better. It was when Nawaz tells Irrfan in train, “Meri ammi hamesha sahi kaha karti thi, ki kabhi kabhi galat train bhi sahi jagah pohcha deti hai.” This was an answer, a validation Irrfan was seeking for and this bridged the gaps between their bond. And since then Nawaz is seen wearing plain shirts too.

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