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Dark comedies have never been a forte of Bollywood. The movies that have been made are few and far between. This year, we did see Kaalakandi which had a decent buzz about it but had bombed at the box office. This week, releases Blackmail, from the director of the smash hit black comedy, Delhi Belly. The trailer looked extremely promising. Is the film as good or even better, lets out.

Blackmail follows the story of a Dev who finds out that his wife is having an extramarital affair. To get even he decides to blackmail the couple for some ransom. Unfortunately, the blackmail(s) don’t end there! The story is quite interesting though a bit repetitive. The screenplay in the first half blows more cold than hot which leaves you twitching in your seat. Just when you think that you have been sold down the river, the second half strikes. And brilliantly, the proceedings change(till the very end when it slightly dips). The chuckle which was missing in the first half returns in the form of roaring laughter in the second hour. Oh by the way, this is a thriller too and there are some thrills. Dialogues are strictly okay. Music is average. Director Abhinay Deo who last directed Force 2, does find form in the second hour.

Kirti Kulhari is virtually wasted. Divya Dutta has her moments. Arunoday Singh shines in his role as the jolted lover. Pradyuman Singh who is best remembered for his role in Tere Bin Laden, is average here. Omi Vaidya hams through his role. Gajraj Rao is excellent in his cameo. But again it is up to Irfan to save the day and boy does he manage to do that especially in the first hour when proceedings are falling apart. If it wasn’t for him, many would have lost interest by the time the brilliant second half were to set in.

On the whole, Blackmail is a good watch primarily for the brilliant second half. Just a word of caution- if you don’t have a taste for quirky dark comedies, you will not enjoy this.

PS : This movie was initially titled ‘Raita’.

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