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Black Summer

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The zombie genre which was once a favourite if many, has nowly slowly been fading away. There have been a few movies that have released this year like Army Of The Dead or closer to home Zombie Reddy which had got mixed responses. While there was a certain section who had really lapped up the releases, another prominent section had written these off. Personally, I still enjoy the genre although there are little to no innovations being made in it. With the latest offering from Netflix, I have finished watching the season 2 of Black Summer. Is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

The season 2 of Black Summer follows a group of survivors amidst the deadliest zombie apocalypse ever. Will they find a way to survive? The story is not anything that we haven’t watched already. But it is the screenplay which is layered and a notch better than season 1 which was pretty one dimensional. The narrative style is non linear here wity each episode further divided into segments that oscillate between the present and past. I really enjoyed this narrative as it had that intrigue of how the characters end up where they are now. The action is extremely fast paced up until the 5th episode with almost no build up which was great. Post that, things do slow down a bit. There is more talk and little action culminating in a nice little showdown. The screenplay here is pretty good.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are minimal till the 5th episode, it almost seemed that the makers knew exactly what to serve the audience. The talk post that was necessary for a build up to the finale. So dialogues are fairly well penned. The BGM was fabulous and it really helped in building up an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue. There were several one take shots(with a 7 minute one take sequence right at the very beginning) with some outstanding camerawork. Directors John Hyams and Abram Cox have done a brilliant job here. They seem to know the pulse of the audience pretty well and serve them exactly that!


The performances are top notch. Some of the cast that really shine through are Jaime King as Rose, Christine Lee as Sun and Zoe Marlett as Anna. All of them have some sort of a character arc and have done a brilliant job. All other actors have done a fine job too.


The second season of Black Summer is thrilling and a notch better than season 1. Available on Netflix and Highly Recommended.

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