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Bheemante Vazhi

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By now we all know that last year was a landmark year for the Malayalam Film Industry. So many different stories told in so many different ways – it was a year to cherish and savour. I was also a part of a podcast of youtube where we had discussed the top Malayalam films of 2021. In the comments section, a couple of you had mentioned a Malayalam film that was out late last year. The film was Bheemante Vazhi. After watching Kaaval, a Malayalam film which I didn’t like, I was a bit skeptical about it. I decided to give it a go anyway considering the track record of Malayalam films last year. So then is the film worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Bheemante Vazhi follows the story of Bheeman who takes it upon himself to widen an old pathway after realising the inconvenience caused. The story is simple and one of the key highlights here. This is vintage Malayalam Cinema or should I now refer it as Indian Cinema who has simple premises with layered screenplays. The screenplay here is exactly that. It has a tinge of humour that is almost omnipresent. The drama unfolds in a small place where you are introduced to the protagonist and the other characters around him. The world created is just so real and relatable that you feel that you belong to that place. The issue that it is dealing with would probably be similar to that in your area. The situational humour that is injected at these places is just so refreshing. The small obstacles after every step is something that you would relate to as well. All the characters here are well fleshed out and a few of them really stand out as well. Another important part of the screenplay was that it did not lose sight of the issue at hand at any given point of time. There were no unnecessary subplots which could derail the drama. There were a few subplots but all did revolve around the main issue. It just fills me with so much pride to witness such a beautiful film with an equally beautiful screenplay that ends on a funny note and maybe a tad underwhelming yet never out of place. A few topics of toxic masculinity and patriarchy are nicely touched upon in a fabulously penned screenplay.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are conversational but smartly written with humour nicely enbedded in it that will make you chuckle. The music is melodious and does not stall the drama at any point. The BGM blends nicely with the drama. The cinematography is top notch. Director Ashraf Hamza does a fabulous job by picking a simple and niche subject and transforming that in a relatable yet funny drama.


The performances are pretty good here. Suraj Venjaramoodu is just so funny in a cameo here. Chinnu Chandni as Anju has her moments to shine particularly in the finale act which was hilarious. Jinu Joseph as Kosthepp is excellent in a role that is a fine balance between being humorous and being serious. Binu Pappu as Krishnadas is first rate as the drunkard. Megha Thomas has a nice little charm to her and she is extremely affable here. Vincy Aloshious as Blessy and Chemban Vinod as Maharshi are both fabulous. Kunchacko Boban as Sanju aka Bheeman is just so natural onscreen. An actor that I feel is underrated yet does a fabulous job each and every time, here he is equally good.


In times of dark thrillers or slow burners, Bheemante Vazhi is a breath of fresh air, just so refreshingly brilliant. Available on Amazon Prime and Highly Recommended.

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