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Bharath Ane Nenu Movie Review 2018 Telugu

Bharat Ane Nenu

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Bharat Ram, a brilliant and curious student, graduates with his 5th degree from Oxford. After celebrating, his uncle tells him that his father Raghava Rao, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh (pre-division), passed away from a stroke. Bharat flies home and reminisces. As a child, Bharat spent most of his time with his mother and best friend Subash next door as his father was busy setting up a political party with his best friend Varadarajulu, the party president. After breaking a small promise, his mother scolds him and tells him about the importance of commitments. She dies in her sleep afterwards, impacting Bharat immensely. Raghava Rao then takes care of him at home, but Varadarajulu tells him that he must prepare for the upcoming elections and suggests he remarry to give Bharat a new mother. He agrees, having another child, Siddharth, with his new wife. Bharat’s attempts to bond with his stepmother fail, so he spends more time at Subash’s house. Soon, Subash’s parents get jobs in London, and Bharat wants to go with them. After some time Raghava Rao agrees.

After the flashback, Bharat arrives in India and attends his father’s funeral amid heavy media attention and speculation over who the next Chief Minister will be. Varadarajulu tells Bharat that his father, an asthmatic, had to be hospitalized due to the cold and that the final rites were completed by Siddharth because of Raghava Rao’s death caused public disarray and they couldn’t wait for him. Bharat then drives around the city and gets frustrated by the chaotic atmosphere. Varadarajulu introduces him to many politicians, including opposition party leader Sripathi Rao and his son Manohar. As Bharat prepares to return to London, Varadarajulu cancels his ticket, explaining that he should be the next CM. Bharat objects and asks Varadarajulu to accede instead, but he opposes based on his position and intra-party conflict. Bharat reluctantly agrees and becomes CM despite his inexperience. However, his strict policies and novel ideas restore law and order and become popular with the public, earning the opposition’s ire. One day, he sees a girl named Vasumathi and instantly falls in love with her. Bharat surprises Vasumathi by calling her and asks her out about, kindling romance. Later, he finds out that many politicians are laundering money and tries to expose Manohar. However, Varadarajulu stops the investigation and invites Bharat to the politicians’ small party, where their collaboration and scheming surprise him. He decides to remove all this corruption from politics.

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