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Baby's Day Out 1994 English Comedy Movie Review

Baby's Day Out

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Baby’s Day Out is a 1994 comedy movie directed by Patrick Read Johnson, written and produced by John Hughes. The story revolves around a wealthy baby’s kidnapping by 3 criminals and its hilarious adventures through the streets of Chicago. It is the cutest baby movie which evokes ” awwww”. The baby Bink as he is called is the sweetest baby in town, very cuddly and innocent with a beautiful smile. The movie is beautifully directed with so many wow moments.

The storyline is just one liner- three oddler where the toddler gets the better of them. But the way it has been handled is lively, creating  unbelievable situations where the toddler gets the better of the kidnappers in the most innocent manner. And that is where the film scores a perfect ten. I remember watching the movie in a theatre with my son who was also a kid then. While reviewing the movie it has brought in a lot of nostalgia remembering the laughter it evoked. Even then i wondered how the makers especially the director would have got such a beautiful performance from the toddler. The VFX has been done well. The criticism could be that the situations the toddler creates are not plausible. But who cares. At some point in our life we must fantasize wherein always the good and innocent triumph over evil. Such an attitude reiterates our faith in the eternal values of life.

Though at the box office the film was initially a commercial disaster, today it is a cult film. The film was tremendously popular in India. It played for over a year at the largest theatre in Kolkata.

Baby Bink is adorably played by the Worton twins. The three kidnappers are played goofily by Joe Mantegna as Eddie, Brian Haley as Veeko and  Joe Pantoliano as Norby and  the lovely supporting cast who are wonderful.


If you are looking for a feel good movie, to enter into a toddler’s world of innocence, away from the maddening world of adults, go watch Baby’s Day Out. Again and again.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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