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baaghi 2

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Just finished watching the second part which supposedly has no connection to its predecessor, Baaghi (as seen from its promos). It is in fact inspired from the 2016 Telugu hit Kshanam. Is it worth your time…..lets find out.

Baaghi 2 is the story of Ronnie who is called up by his ex, Neha, to investigate the kidnapping of her daughter. The story had the potential to keep you interested. Sadly, the screenplay is a letdown. The first half has its moments and does keep you engaged up to a certain extent but the second half is a complete let down. The mystery too is a letdown. So are the bad guys who just can’t aim right. Mihika and I totally sunk our teeth and ripped apart the second half. Our dialogues were better than the ones in the movie. The songs are unnecessary and break the flow of the narrative. Director Ahmed Khan has made a mess of the proceedings. Not good!

Disha Patani looks pretty but is below average in the acting department. Manoj Bajpayee is wasted. Randeep Hooda was the best actor on display and frankly I hoped for a better screen time for him. Tiger Shroff can dance, can perform some daredevil stunts but he cannot act. He hasn’t made much progress beyond his ‘Sabko aati nahi meri jaati nahi’ days. His abs act better than him!

On the whole, Baaghi 2 is a disappointment. Action junkies may like the movie but clearly I didn’t. What should have been a taut thriller with minimal action turned out to be a 2 and a half hour snooze fest! See this if you must!

PS : Tiger Shroff can take the ‘Tiger’ franchise ahead as Salman’s son with dialogues like Tiger ka beta toh Tiger hi hoga na (you heard it first here).

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