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While the big release of this week is Gulabo Sitabo, there is another film that has released on Netflix this weekend named Axone. For those of you who enjoy studying culture would know, but for those of you who don’t Axone(pronounced as Akhuni) is a dish prepared in the northeast(Nagaland) which is basically fermenting soyabean and topping it with a meat. It is supposedly smelly but a delicacy meant for special occassions. Based on this theme, a foodcom (as the makers have promoted it), the film Axone is based on….is it a tasty watch…lets find out.

Set in Delhi, Axone is the story of a group of migrants from the northeast who want to prepare Axone for their friend who is getting married except that its pungent odour might attract some unwanted attention from their neighbours. The story is simple yet outstanding and does give a glimpse of the culture from the northeast, something that I love. The screenplay is subtle and while the basic theme is maintained throughout, it does throw in a satirical commentary on the racial slur that these migrants have to face especially in the metros. Very intelligent and absolutely relevant in the current times. The dialogues are filled with very subtle one liners that are funny and at times make you ponder. The music is very good and adds this lovely flavour from the northeast. Director Nicholas kharkongor has done an excellent job to provide this breezy entertainer mostly which the masses have not yet witnessed.

Asenla Jamir as Minam is such a natural in an extended cameo. Bendang is a character that undergoes a lot of conflict filled with scars from the past that requires internalisation and Lanuakum Ao nails it! Vinay Pathak and Dolly Ahluwalia are spot on and perfectly cast here! Rohan Joshi as the kind hearted but typical Dilli wala Shiv is hilarious and it is his scenes that actually keep the drama light and level headed. Tenzin Dalha as Zohem has such a tremendous screen presence. He is charming, endearing and yet keeps his innocence intact. Wishing to see him in many such roles going forward. Lin Laishram as Chanbi is yet another actor to watch out for. She is just brilliant and delivers a memorable performance. Sayani Gupta as Upasana is such a pleasure to watch. It could so easily have been a caricature but that is how much control she has on her skills and she just digs in and absolutely nails her role!

Axone is typically a different film in many ways, I cannot recall any mainstream Hindi film portraying the culture of the northeast and more so efficiently providing a social commentary on the same. It is time we just do away with any sort of racial slur based on anyone’s caste, creed, colour or nationality. A mighty breezy watch, Axone is delicious!! People who enjoy studying different cultures like me will absolutely love it. Available on Netflix and Highly Recommended!

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