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Autograph 2004 Romantic Tamil Movie Review


Sadiq Suleman
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Autograph (2004) is an Indian Tamil-language romantic drama film written, produced and directed by Cheran. The soundtrack of the film’s soundtrack is composed by Bharathwaj. Coincidentally, it is the first film in which Cheran has played the role of a lead actor. Other cast members of this film include Gopika, Sneha, and Mallika, while Kanika made a special appearance.

Plot Synopsis

The film focuses on the life of Senthil Kumar (Cheran). He speaks about four different phases of his life.
The first phase of the film is shot in Dindukkal. It goes about with unfolding his immature love with his schoolmate Kamala. Senthil is in love with Kamala. He waits to join her on their way to school. However, his love with Kamala turns out to be a failure due to unforeseen circumstances.
The second phase is also very interesting. Senthil’s father has been transferred to Allepey (Kerala). In Allepey, Senthil meets Latika. They gradually fall in love with each other. Gopika is projected as a highly ambitious, beautiful and enthusiastic college girl. In particular, her Bharadhanaatiyam dance movements are a sheer joy to watch. However, this love affair also fails as Latika has a higher social and financial status.
During the third phase, Senthil moves away from his parents. He is very depressed due to his failed relationship with Gopika. Here, Senthil meets a highly self-confident and enthusiastic girl Divya. She plays an important role of bringing Senthil back to shape. Moreover, she helps him in gaining a good job. Senthil & Divya become close friends. They also share everything regarding their personal life. Divya also reveals the flashback of the suicide attempt she made for her own love failure.
The film’s fourth phase highlight’s Senthil’s wedding with Kanika. In that, most of his schoolmates and as well as ex-girlfriend Kamala, Latika and Divya take part.

Acting performances, direction & screenplay

As mentioned above, Cheran has written, directed, produced and also played the lead role in Autograph. It should be noted Cheran has given an exceptional performance. He has scripted Autograph very differently and has touched the hearts of the viewers.

All other supporting artists have also performed exceptionally well. Sneha, Gopika, Kamala and Kanika have given excellent performances. Rajesh was also good as Senthil’s Father. The character of Illavarasu’s, Senthil’s school teacher character is also exceptional.

From the film, it is evident that the ultimate inference a viewer would get is the hidden directorial brilliance of Cheran in almost all scenes. His idea of not including commercial masala songs or item numbers is also an important factor.


Autograph’s key highlight is the exceptional music by Bharatwaj. Some of the best songs from the film include “Gnabagam Varuthe”, “Ov-voru Pookalumey” and “Manasukkulae Dhaagam.” The soundtrack of this film is soul soothing with simple but amazing lyrics.


It is evident that Autograph has a poetic touch in nearly every frame. The film is indeed an absolute delight for cinema lovers. Without any superstar and with a small budget which draws a massive audience, Cheran has been able to make a realistic film which is indeed worth a watch.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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