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This movie has been in my watchlist for a very long time. This one is from the director of Interrogation(Highly, Highly Recommended and available on Netflix) and that was one of the primary reasons for gearing up to watch this movie. The director is known to take topical subjects and turn them into hard hitting dramas…does he succeed this time around.

Asuran is the story of a poor farmer who ends up in a land feud against the powerful landlords and the atrocities that he and his family have to undergo. The story is hard hitting from the word go. The screenplay is so well written that it keeps you engaged from the beginning. Well, somewhere midway the proceedings slow down but still it doesn’t divert your attention. The dialogues are very good. Music is decent. Director Vetri Maaran has once again done an excellent job and his direction is pitch perfect!

The performances are the highlight of the movie. Ken and Tee Jay are two amazing finds in the movie. Prakash Raj in a cameo is excellent. Manju Warrier is superb. Pavan and Naren as the antagonists are quite good. And Dhanush. How does he manage to score almost everytime. He has this sense of innocence which contrasts with the lethal mode that he undergoes in many fight sequences. Simply outstanding!

Asuran is one helluva drama, gritty and hard hitting. And that final message at the end is just a cherry on top. Available on Amazon Prime and Absolutely Recommended!

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