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Army of the Dead

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Before I start the review, I have a question. How many of you actually fantasize about a zombie apocalypse in the wake of a pandemic where you go to fetch groceries with a shot gun to blow some zombie brains out! We have all been a fan of the genre at some point, who wouldn’t enjoy a gore fest at the behest of some innocent zombies. There have been some iconic films like The Night Of The Living Dead,  Dawn Of The Dead, Shawn Of The Dead or some closer to home like Go Goa Gone and Train To Busan which have successfully cracked the Zombie genre. This week too we have the latest Zombie flick in town, Army Of The Dead directed by a director who is well aware of knowing the pulse of the audience in the genre. Is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Set in Las Vegas against the backdrop of a Zombie Apocalypse, Army Of The Dead follows the story of a group of survivors who are tasked at retrieving a huge amount from a casino before Las Vegas is reduced to rubbles. The story is your Typical Popcorn Munching Zombie Flick. The screenplay is decently well penned. While there are no surprises on how things are going to unfold, there are plenty of sequences that will keep you hooked and engaged throughout. The tone is set in the first 15 minutes when the writers decide to take you on an early gore fest with brains popping out and blood splattering everywhere amidst a tale of survival. The real story begins after that. Credit to the writers for not having a single dull moment throughout its runtime, instead keeping you on your toes. The second hour has a lot more action sequences that are excellently designed and that are able to break the boundaries and reach your soul leaving you satisfied. But on the downside, a few sequences could have been trimmed out as the length was a suspect here. At almost 150 mins, it was a tad too long for a Zombie flick. Also, the emotional angle seemed a little forced and did not strike a chord with me.  But having said that an entertaining screenplay is on display.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are routine, nothing much to shout about. The music is good with the classic Viva Las Vegas playing out in the opening sequence amidst the mayhem. Pure genius! And the BGM is pretty impressive too. Director Zack Snyder strikes again! His Justice League had managed to impress even the staunchest of critics, his direction is impressive here too. It helps when you are aware of the pulse of the audience, you create an absolute ripper!


Ella Purnell as Kate has done a good job. Ana De La Reguera as Maria manages to impress in a few action sequences. Nora Arnezeder as Lilly is outstanding and definitely leaves her mark. Dave Bautista as Scott is the star of the show. His acting has improved by several notches and ofcourse he excels in action sequences. And I was the happiest to watch Huma Qureshi in a Zack Snyder film. Although her role is small but she is brilliant. I would want a movie spin off of her own character Geeta.


Army Of The Dead is an Entertaining Popcorn Munching Zombie Flick. Available on Netflix.

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