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Annie Hall 1977 English Romance Comedy Movie Review

Annie Hall

Preeti Goel
4.5 Star popcorn reviewss

The world can be divided into two parts: those who like Woody Allen films and those who don’t, and even his admirers only like about half of them. But one thing nearly everyone agrees on is that Annie Hall is among Allen’s very best work. So what is this movie about? And what is the fuss about?

Annie Hall is a romantic comedy based In New York in the 70’s and is a story of the couple Annie played Diane Keaton and Alvy played by Allen himself. There is something funny, quirky and totally fun about this movie. The itself starts with a very intelligent joke about life and keeps you hooked right from there. The screen lights up whenever Allen shows up in his confused, nervous yet extremely witty character.

The story takes you through various moments in Alvy’s life from his childhood to the young years of dating and some flashbacks with Annie as he reflects over his relationship with her which is now ended. Both the characters have a background of literature and art and there are various moments where you are fascinated by the 70’s in the streets New York living a life of pleasure and glamour.

No where on the internet it says that this is dark humor but while watching the movie, I felt it was funny in a very realistic and relatable way. It is amazing how Allen has written and directed this one as he sometimes just goes and speaks to people in the streets about their opinions. I am a huge fan of the intelligent writing and execution of this film. 

It is an impressive movie made in those times and before you go, I would ask you to google more about it and you may realize that it has been ranked 35th in the 2007 list of the Best American movies of all times. So, clearly I belong to the tribe who love Woody Allen movies. 

Another fun fact, ‘Annie Hall’ also won the Oscar for the Best Picture in 1978 beating THE ‘Star Wars’. Well, then what really is the big deal about this film? Guess the only way to know is to watch.

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Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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