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What is common between Memories, Ratsasan, Raman Raghav 2.0 and Memories of Murder. Yes, they all are serial killer movies and my love for this genre is just something else. If done correctly, it is the most exciting genre for me! And my bread and butter! So I happened to watch the Malayalam Serial Killer flick this quarantine season, Anjaam Pathiraa which translates to Fifth Midnight. Does it archive itself in the long list of serial killer movies that I have enjoyed over the years…lets find out.

Anjaam Pathiraa is the story of a serial killer on loose targeting and killing only cops. Do the officers catch hold of the real culprit? The story is a good one though it checks all the elements required in a serial killef movie. The screenplay is so well penned that 2.5 hours go off like a breeze. So side tracks, no romantic angles, no unnecessary songs, just pure thrills focussing on the subject at hand and adding plenty of twists and turns to keep you at the edge of your seat. And the big reveal at the end is good too! Filmmakers down South really know how to tell a story don’t they? Dialogues are good. Director Midhun Manuel Thomas has done a marvelous job!

Unnimaya Prasad as Catherine is good! Sreenath Bhasi as Andrew is excellent. Jinu Joseph as Anil is fantastic. Kunchacko Boban is such a natural and in many ways the life of the film! All other performances are first rate!

Anjaam Pathiraa falls a little short of Ratsasan which for me is still the best serial killer movie coming out from India. But, it is still an outstanding watch and deserves a lot of accolades for the water tight screenplay. The fans of the genre will have a gaga time! Available on Sun Next, Vodafone Play, Jio Cinema and Highly Recommended!!!

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