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Angamaly Diaries 2017 Malayalam Thriller Movie

Angamaly diaries

4.5 Star popcorn reviewss

Vincent Pepe (Antony Varghese) is from Angamaly. He lives with his mother (Jolly Chirayath) and his sister Mercy (Athira Patel), while his father went to an undeveloped area in Karnataka to run a cotton business. Although he was brought up to be a devout Catholic and also became an altar server in the local church, his real role models were the local football team, the New Stars Team, and their captain Babuji (Anson Antony), who was also a good/bad thug, feared by most in Angamaly. Inspired by them, Pepe decides to make his own gang and to be like Babuji and his New Stars Team.

Pepe eventually selects the people for his gang, most of them being his friends. He eventually falls in love with Seema (Amrutha Anna Reji) in his childhood, like the rest of his gang. However, Pepe’s friend and gang member Lino leaves the gang as his dad had to move to Chandigarh. The gang adopts a decent name, ‘Palliyangadi Team’, and they also make their first fight, in college, which ends in a disaster for them and the gang getting admitted in hospital. Seema feels sorry for him and the two fall in love. However, news comes that Ravi (Appani Sarath) and Rajan (Tito Wilson) have murdered Babuji and they get arrested, after the Palliyangadi Team make a fight. Seema also marries someone else and settles in Singapore, so Pepe falls in love with Sakhi (Binny Rinky Benjamin) who is a nursing student in Angamaly and her family is settled in Germany. She also happens to be Lily’s (Anna Rajan) student. Pepe is hoping to marry Sakhi and to settle in Germany as well. Varkey (Kichu Tellus), a Palliyangadi Team member, falls in love with Alice (Sruthi Jayan), a local police constable at Angamaly.

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