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Quickly onto the next new release this weekend and I have just finished watching Ahaan on Netflix. Time and again we at popcorn reviewss believe to provide a voice to small and independent films that are actually gems and require your attention. So here we go. Before my review would like to pen a small incident. While in my childhood, I was friends with a guy who had Down syndrome. We were a part of the group who loved to play cricket. But often as it is with children, my friend was always teased upon because of his ability. I feel it is the job of the parents to introduce your children to empathy, a virtue that will help them identify and assist other needy people in their formative years. And with that, back to the review. Is Ahaan worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Ahaan follows the story of a boy with Down Syndrome forming a unique relationship with his neighbour who had an OCD for cleanliness. The story is simple yet sweet and gently tugs the strings of your heart. The screenplay also is decently well penned. It is taut and passes by like a breeze. And so in the initial minutes you are introduced to the world of Ahaan through his lens. What amazed me was the portrayal of characters around him that treated him like a normal human being(although there were a few elements shown otherwise). Another thing that amazed me was the crackling chemistry that he shares with his neighbour Ozzy. Ofcourse, Ozzy does not approve of his behavior initially given his love for cleanliness, but slowly gets accustomed to him that forms an unlikely friendship. There are a few potholes too, where the film slightly loses its way but quickly comes back on track in the very next scene. The editing and cinematography could have been a lot better but I will prefer to look beyond these points as I would like to encourage such films that are being made. The screenplay is gentle and heartwarming.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are the ones we use in our daily lives. The music and BGM are decent. The direction by Nikhil Pherwani is pretty good and he definitely adds that feel good factor to the drama.


Sonali Sachdeva is brilliant in a cameo as Mrs.Nair. Rajit Kapoor as the psychiatrist is good although his part seemed a little forced. Plabita Borthakur as Onella is such a natural onscreen. Kaizaad Kotwal and Shilpa Mehta as Ahaan’s parents are good. Niharika Singh as Anu is a joy to watch. Arif Zakaria as Ozzy is a great actor and he really brings so many emotions to the table here. Just a brilliant masterclass. And I was the happiest seeing Abuli Mamaji as Ahaan. They could so easily have cast an actor and worked on the prosthetics, here they have cast a boy who has Down Syndrome and hats off to the makers for this bold and refreshing step. He is simply outstanding!


Ahaan is a simple and sweet film that will gently tug the strings of your heart. Available on Netflix.

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