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Afterlife Of The Party 2021 Comedy English Movie Review

Afterlife Of The Party


In a mood of watching a little honeyed, sweet and angelic life???? Then you have to check this space. Afterlife of the party is a supernatural comedy released on September 2, 2021 by Netflix.

Story and Screenplay

Cassie is a fun loving party girl, whereas her childhood friend Lisa is a “no to social interaction” type girl. They have been best friends since first grade and are room partners. Cassie on her birthday convinces Lisa to go out to a party, but Lisa didn’t like the idea. She wanted to stay home and have fun there, but Cassie decides to party out with other friends. Before leaving they meet Max, who’s their new neighbour and was moving in. He lives a very similar life to Lisa and at first sight they sort of started liking each other. Cassie and Lisa then head to a club where they get into an argument. Cassie still went to a party with other friends leaving Lisa alone. Later that night, Cassie heads home and tries to talk with Lisa but she was asleep. She heads to the bathroom hungover, trips and hits her head on the toilet resulting in her death. She awakes in a room where she meets Val, who is angel handler and explains Cassie to make a list of people whom she wanted to help like a guardian angel. Is Cassie ready for this?? How Cassie’s gonna figure out things??? How is her afterlife looks like??? To wonder about this interesting part, watch it on Netflix.

Dialogues, music and direction

Dialogues are sets of emotion and love which are amazingly delivered by the cast. Music is also pretty good and romantic where the lead actor Victoria Justice also sang. The direction is okey-dokey, could have been more interesting, engaging and peculiar.


This is the best part of the movie, where the cast was too adorable and charming. Victoria Justice as Cassie looked breathtakingly beautiful, whereas Midori Francis as Lisa and Timothy Renouf as Max looked endearing and lovable. Robynn Scott as Val literally looked like an angel handler, who lives in heaven with a good heart. Astounding performances by the whole cast.


It’s emotional, loving, amicable but a bit insensible and garbled. Not thinking about the consequences or outcome of the story telling, you can watch it as a light, soft and mellow movie.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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