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As mentioned yesterday, we will be here through the week to provide the latest reviews. And so I have just finished watching the new Malayalam movie Aarkkariyam on Amazon Prime. Offlate there has been a surge of great content from down South. They have definitely raised the stakes and that is indeed refreshing to watch. Does Aarkkariyam follow the suit, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Aarkkariyam follows the story of a couple struck by financial crisis in Mumbai who reallocate to Kerala. Soon, the husband discovers that there is more than what meets the eye. The story is a slow burner filled with drama that will force you to sit through it. The screenplay compliments the story pretty well. It is a slow poison that will slowly begin to engage you. The setup is during the early Covid days and that is what is refreshing to watch that the writers are adapting modern situations into a prolific story as this. While the film maintains the same slow pace throughout, a massive twist at the halfway mark will leave your jaw dropped while you svratch your head about how a twist such as this made its way in this film. It was almost like George Kutty from Drishyam confiding about his crime. And it is so subtle that there is a chance that you may miss it as well. All of it forms a full circle at the end that asks some hard questions in the most calm manner. And throughout that one thing that stood out was the detailing which was amazing. This is a solid drama without any over the top distractions but at the same time it is niche and may not be for everyone.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are once again conversational, something we have in our daily lives. Also notice the Hindi dialogues being used while in Mumbai while shifting to Malayalam when in Kerala, excellent detailing. The music and BGM are subtle which means you will not find any blaring sound in some of the crucial plot points of the film. It is almost the silence that absorbs you in the drama. A special mention of the cinematography which is top notch. Director Sanu Jose Varughese has done a phenomenal job in hos directorial debut. It was so refreshing to see him keeping things so subtle and smooth in what turned out to be a solid drama. And he has an eye for detailing!


Saiju Kurup as Vyshak is pretty good. Parvathy Thiruvothu as Shirley on the face of it might seem like an underwritten part. But if you look closely, she has many moments where her silence does the talking and you needed a skilled actor to pull this part off. And the makers were in safe hands, excellent acting this! Sharafudheen as Roy has done a terrific job as a man conflicted between his ideals and the situation where he finds himself in. Biju Menon as Ittyavira is the star of the show. A mean demeanor, a staggering personality and a towering act is how I can sum up this acting masterclass.


Aarkkariyam is a slow poison that will consume you in this compelling solid drama. It is niche and not meant for everyone but if you enjoy proper dramas then this one is for you..available on Amazon Prime and Highly Recommended.

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