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Aapla Manus 2018 Mystery Marathi movie

Aapla Manus

3.5 Star popcorn reviewss

Aapla Manus is a story of young couple Bhakti & Rahul living in an urban area. The couple lives with the Rahul’s father Aaba. Rahul is a lawyer & Bhakti is a college professor. Rahul’s partner in the law firm Nitin is also his good friend One day late night Aaba falls off their balcony & admitted to hospital. Inspector Nagargoje who looks very similar to Aaba & of same age comes for questioning Rahul. Rahul narrates him about bickering relationship between his father & wife. As a consequence their son Nishu is sent to boarding school so that he is not affected by this. 2 days before the incident they have a short 2 day trip to Lonavala which Bhakti leaves half-way & the two return next day.

Nagargoje accuses both of them for abetment to suicide. He provides evidence that Aaba has committed suicide, which both deny. Later they get a call from hospital stating that Aaba has recovered from Comatose state however he is still unconscious. Later Rahul tells Bhakti that he had a showdown at Lonavala with Aaba & that could have triggered his suicide. Nagargoje calls them to his home late night & tells them it is not a suicide case. Both are enraged at him for causing such mental agony, however since they cannot do anything they leave peacefully. Next day Nagargoje meets Rahul at the court & puts a seed of suspicion that his wife has attempted to kill Aaba. Rahul wants to test his theory & brings him home. Nagargoje confronts Bhakti with evidence & finally she breaks downs. Rahul tries to defend her, however she confesses that she has attempted to kill Aaba with help of Nitin.

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