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Aani Kay Hava? (S1 -S2)

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It was like weekend on instagram where I came across a post on instagram which said that Season 3 of the Marathi Web Series Aani Kay Hava was releasing. It starred Priya Bapat(fresh from the success of season 2 of City Of Dreams) and her real life Husband Umesh Kamat who has been an excellent performer. And naturally I was excited. But the catch was that I hadn’t earlier watched the first two seasons. So I was about to give up on it but I just decided to chexk the number of episodes and their duration on MX Player. There were just 6 episodes per season ranging from 15 to 20 minutes each. And this seemed achievable! And so I finished both seasons last night, was it worth it, lets find out!

Story & Screenplay

Aani Kay Hava is a slice of life webseries featuring a cute couple. Here I would like to mention that this review is a combined review of Season 1 and 2. The story is just so sweet and cute that it will instantly make you flash a smile. The screenplay is breezy and frothy. At times this series reminded me of the Netflix Series Little Things but not as serious as that. Probably it was a breezy TVF series veiled in the ‘Little Things’ mould! But this series has a soul of its own. The everyday issues and incidents featuring our lead pair is handled without any fuss. There are many light moments that will make you laugh and also tender moments where the lead pair weave their magic beautifully(more on them later). This was an ideal after work kimd of series where you just wish to unwind without stressing too much on the content that you view. This is a mood uplifter, a screenplay that will freshen your mood. A series designed on the lines of a sitcom where each episode has a story of its own with little to no connection to the previous episodes, the screenplay is excellent and keeps you engaged throughout with a smile.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are quirky and the one liners are extremely funny. The BGM is minimally used and that is actually a good approach as you didn’t want it to overpower the comedy that is already present in the writing, something that a few Hindi films were guilty of. Director Varun Narvekar has done a fabulous job keeping his approach fresh and vibrant which reflects in the way the story is told. There is almost no melodrama although there are several tender scenes. His direction is brilliant.


The performances by the two leads are excellent. Real(and Reel) Life Couple Priya Bapat(as Jui) and Umesh Kamat(as Saket) just weave their magic throughout. Priya Bapat is just so effortless here and just so comfortable in her role. Umesh Kamat has an incredible sense of timing that will make you roll on the floor laughing. My word, such a terrific performance. They are such fabulous performers that both of them feed off each other. It is a myth that real life couples don’t make a good onscreen couple. Here, they just shatter the myth completely. Their chemistry is so vibrant that you can actually feel it in tender moments and in moments of madness. They truely seem to be made for each other that translates so well onscreen!


Both Seasons of Aani Kay Hava are fresh, Vibrant, Cute and just so Funny. Available on MX Player and Highly Recommended!

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