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Aani Kay Hava? (Season 3)

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If you think we are late for our second review of the day, blame it on the olympic games! The day that begun with a heartbreak has indeed ended in jubilation ! It began in golf with a wonderful Aditi Ashok missing the podium by a whisker. And the turnaround began with first Bajrang Punia grabbing the bronze before a certain 23 year old Neeraj Chopra(Remember the Name) ensuring that India doesn’t go empty handed in the Gold Section, with a Gold in athletics after 120 years, a fitting tribute to our Flying Sikh Of India Milkha Singh Ji whom we lost a couple of months ago. And a quiet reminder of this being the best Olympics Tally for India ever as we finished at Number 46 with 7 medals! What began with a silver on Day One ended with a Gold on the last day. And what a time to be alive! Just a request to all to keep supporting your heroes in all sports and not only cricket! Amidst the tears of joy, I did manage to complete the third season of the Marathi Web series Aani Kay Hava on MX Player. While I completely adored the first two seasons, was season 3 as good, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Just like the first two seasons, The third season of Aani Kay Hava is a slice of life that explores the lives of a married couple. The story is hilarious, heartwarming and I am sure relatable for many. The screenplay is filled with these heartfelt moments between the couple that are hilarious to watch. But this time it is no fun and games. There is this depth given to the characters to show that not all days are rosy. But at the end of the day it is the companionship that sees a relationship through. There is never a dull moment here infact all six episodes pass like a breeze. The situations are so well written that you will find yourself smiling more often than not! Such a breezy screenplay, extremely well written!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are quirky filled with smart one-liners and situational humour that will make you smile and laugh. But in one of the episodes, the dialogues are also philosophical and poignant. A good mix this! The BGM is sweet and gels well with the drama. Director Varun Narvekar has yet again done a fine job. His job was mainly to keep things taut and light, and not melodramatic. And he does an excellent job with it!


The two main protagonists just have my heart. The real life couple deliver in reel life yet again! Priya Bapat as Jui is such a natural here, a far cry from her role in the second season of City Of Dreams. She is such a believable character and performs beautifully. Her better half Umesh Kamat as Saket is yet again top form. An impeccable sense of comic timing bit this time with more character depth, he is just brilliant. And the two of them have crackling chemistry, they just make us believe in love all over again, they are truely made for each other! And yes, they weave their magic onscreen yet again!


The third season of Aani Kay Hava is hilarious and heartwarming with a little more depth. A light hearted watch, ideal for a Sunday Afternoon. Available on MX Player and Highly Recommended.

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