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I have reviewed quite a few regional films this quarantine season, and have been receiving positive feedback on the films that I have discovered. I really feel that the regional films actually have stories to tell, better stories than Bollywood, who really can do better with its storytelling technique. And for those of you who aren’t watching regional films, should know that you are missing out on alot of great content! Ok, so now I venture east and this will officially be my first review of an Assamese movie(and second that I have watched after the brilliant Village Rockstars on netflix, Highly Recommended). Aamis, a film majorly popularised by my favourite director Anurag Kashyap, does it live up to the hype….lets find out.

Aamis is a unique yet dark love story between a young college student doing his Phd in meat being consumed in North east India, and a doctor who is married. Unfortunately that is all that I can reveal as the story has an element of madness too. The screenplay is so so so well written. It oddly keeps you engaged and midway through just takes you aback with that bizarre twist. This twist will be talked about in times to come. I have watched so many movies across the globe(and languages) but never in my wildest dreams did I see this twist coming. But having said that this twist does not seem forced, it was always lurking there and very much a part of the theme that the film was tackling. A bizarre, dark, soul stirring love story! The music and the BGM are outstanding! Director Bhaskar Hazarika has made such a twisted love story, and that too unapologetic! It could so easily have gone wrong but no he just nails it!

The movie majorly revolves around two principal characters. Arghadeep Baruah looks innocent with a sweet smile and is simply outstanding. His turmoil at the end makes you sympathise with him. Lima Das has such amazing eyes and she uses them perfectly to enact one of yhe most memorable performances of all time. They have very good chemistry together!

Aamis is a love story with elements of horror. Damn this is a new genre, romantic horror(without ghosts). People who are squemish and weak hearted should stay away, you need a strong gut to “digest” this film. You will feel hungry(strictly non vegetarians unlike me) yet at the end of it feel pukish! So not everyone’s cup of tea to be brutally honest. But, this is a movie watching experience of the highest order! Do not miss it. Available exclusively on moviesaints.com with a movie fee of Rs99(which is refundable too in case you don’t like the movie). A movie well worth your money! Highly Highly Recommended!

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