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Aadai 2019 Tamil Thriller Movie Review


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Kamini is an anchorwoman who is extremely spontaneous, courageous, and has a strong sense of feminism. She is shown to have no understanding of the dynamics between ideology and freedom. She was raised by her mother after her father’s death when she was young. Due to her mother’s conservative values, Kamini and her mother are often at odds regarding her attitude.

She works with her friend Jennifer and a few others as a team at the #tag channel. For the past three years, they have been known for doing serious pranks on unsuspecting people, such as murder attempts and medical emergencies, to go viral on social media. On her birthday, Kamini’s mother challenges her to try to be a serious newsreader at least once so that she can be happy, but Kamini refuses. Kamini’s birthday is also the same day as the last day the news channel will be occupying their current building before moving to a new building far away. As part of a sentimental goodbye, the last broadcast from the old building is a live news feed to be done by Jennifer. While Kamini visits Jennifer as she gets ready, Kamini remembers what her mom said earlier, and a challenge about news reading forms in her mind. Suddenly Jennifer goes missing 10 minutes before the live feed and, with no way out, Kamini serves as a replacement newsreader. Despite everyone’s expectation, Kamini does well in the news reading, and Jennifer is shown to safely come out of the upper floor toilet whose door got stuck. The firm vacates the building, and the empty building is left without being locked for the weekend.

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