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a1 express 2021 Sports Telugu movie review

A1 Express

Saloni Thakkar
3.5 Star popcorn reviewss


The Story is set in Yanam and it revolves around tale of friendship, love, politics and sports. The Local Minister is trying to sell the Hockey Stadium, the lead actor Sanju has came to Yanam from Vizag as he has fallen in love with Lavanya the Captain of Women’s Hockey Team. Few tragic events happen and they need to win the match to save the ground. Will they succeed to save the stadium? Will Lavanya fall in love with Sanju? Well, to know that you need to watch the film.

Story & screenplay

The A1 Express is a remake of the Tamil Sports Drama Nanpe Thunai. The players must need to play a match to prove their worth and save the day. But A1 Express also portrays the tale of friendship, love and how hard it is to actually pursue sports as a career in this country.

Murali Sharma who is playing as a role of Coach is a retired army officer who has high hopes and big dreams for his hockey team, he really is very passionate about his team and really cares for them and would go to any end to save and protect the team and stadium. Sanju i.e. Sundeep Kishan and Lavanya has a great chemistry. Well I loved how the story keeps revolving around different aspects and not just limited to one topic this made it more interesting and engaging with audience as they could easy relate to the parts. The movie

A1 express is named after the qualities of hero about how he has up gamed in a big way.

Dialogues, music & direction

The dialogues has been properly blended with humour, sarcasm and witty dialogues. Though the story takes a lot of time to enter at the main point. More work can be done on the climax because the whole end is predictable, but the drama between the movie has been set good and the film has been showcased in a clean manner. Also the camera work is well done.


Sundeep Kishan has performed very well but Lavanya’s performance seemed bit average though in the songs she performed well and the ongoing chemistry has added many flavors and layers to the action. Murali Sharma could have worked more on few scenes which were quite logical and Dayanand Reddy who worked as opposition coach seemed very weak and dull.


A1 Express movie depicts the situation about today’s generation how they have to still fight for things which belongs to them and how they are not afraid to take a stand and fight for it. The narration is impressing more work could be done in the first part as the story moves slowly, if you can ignore that the film is a good watch.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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