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A Walk to Remember 2002 English Movie Review

A Walk to Remember

Sana Patel
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The movie is based on a Nicholas sparks best-selling novel with the same name. I am usually disappointed when I see a movie based on a novel as most of the times the makers fail to do justice to the writing and characterizations. But this movie is a better adaption than the novel if I dare say.


Anybody who has ever read Nichlas sparks’s novels know that he writes the most epic romances. 

The story is about a spoilt boy (Landon) and a good natured, simple, God-fearing girl (Jamie) in high school residing in small town in North Carolina. Yes, the plot is cliché but what makes it different from the hundreds of high school cliché romances is the twist in the plot we never saw coming. 

What makes this special is that the soul of this film is at the right place. The performances of the lead pair (Shane West and Mandy Moore) are very sincere and honest. When the movie begins it is very well established that Landon is popular, rebel and a spoilt brat with the wrong company and has no remorse or intention to redeem himself. Whereas Jamie is someone who has been travelling in the same school bus as Landon for years now and has first handedly observed all his antics and therefore has a disliking towards him. Due to unavoidable circumstances these two poles apart people are forced to work together in a school play.

Yes, indeed we have seen plenty of films with similar storyline, but once again this is not your normal high school drama. The characters are very well layered and the dynamics with the parents and the friends is also very relatable and something you will find yourself rooting for. Every character in this film has a seamless character arch. By the time the story is half way through an unexpected plot twist will bring down the world of these two dynamic individuals crashing down. What happens afterwards is an emotional roller coaster drama which forms the crux of the story.

Casting/ Screenplay/ Music

The casting seemed very apt as most of the characters in the film have huge character arch which all the actors portrayed seamlessly. Special mention of Shane West and Mandy Moore to bring the rawness, good and bad traits all of it so beautifully. The screenplay had few changes compared to the novel. The changes seemed relevant and important to the story as the novel is based in 1950’s and in the movie, they have shown late 90’s so that they could draw in maximum audience. Most of the songs are sung by the lead Mandy herself. The composition has both fast beat music and soulful songs that will stay with you.


A cliché story but the innocence and honesty you see in the characters are rare to find in today’s world. What makes this film so endearing is the sincerity and simplicity with which the story unfolds.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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