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A Quiet Place Part 2

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It was in my review of Don’t Breathe 2 that I had mentioned of how major studios literally milk the success of the original film by making a sequel to it which was just not needed on hope that it will continue to be a success. And thus the term ‘franchise’ where movies after movies are shelled out just for a quick buck. So when the sequel to A Quiet Place was announced, I was naturally skeptical. Although the original had ended on an open note thereby paving way for the sequel to be much easier, I still had my doubts. I still remember watching A Quiet Place in a packed theatre which comprised of some youngsters who were making a lot of noise by passing comments. And that terrific opening sequence that literally sent a chill down your spine thereby turning the theatre into ‘A Quiet Place’. Now that I have watched its sequel, does it live up to the promise of the original, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

A Quiet Place 2 starts off from the exact same point that the first part had ended with the Abbott family continuing their survival journey against blind creatures who have an acute sense of hearing. The story is a good one and a fitting sequel to the original. The screenplay is all about the atmospherics again as the characters often whisper keeping the audience of tender hooks. The very fact that the setup demands your unwavered attention, is a winner already considering the requirement from the horror genre which requires all your focus on the drama. Even the jump scares work excellently here. While the first hour is again a buildup, introducing you to some new characters, the second half is fast paced and really keeps you on the edge of your seat culminating into the final act which is pretty good too. One criticism that I had is that probably a good 10 minutes could have been added to the drama with possibly a twist or two been included. It may have resulted in a more satisfying end to this amazing horror film. But overall, a brilliantly written screenplay that keeps you hooked and booked throughout.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are minimal but impactful and quite well written. Likewise, The BGM is also intelligently used that creates an atmosphere of tension throughout, besides giving some amazing jump scares. Director John Krasinski who had also directed the first part has done yet another brilliant job in creating the atmospherics and stirring up the tension and leaving the audience gasping for breath.


The performances are quite good. John Krasinski shines in a cameo as Lee. Noah Jupe as Marcus is incredibly good. It just amazes me how this young kid could bring so many shades of emotions and expression to his character just so brilliantly. Millicent Simmonds as Regan is yet again fantastic. Another very layered and balanced performance. The new addition to the group Cillian Murphy as Emmett has done a pretty good job. And the ever reliable Emily Blunt as Evelyn is top notch as always.


A Quiet Place 2 is a fitting sequel to the original, no two ways about it. Available in a theatre near you!

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