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7th day 2014 Malayalam thriller movie

7th Day

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The story starts with a monologue by David Abraham, IPS (Prithviraj) during the night of Christmas. When he leaves a party, he gets involved in an accident with Shan(Vinay Forrt) and Vinu(Anu Mohan). David takes them to the hospital to treat Vinu’s injury which he sustained while falling off the bike. From the hospital Vinu escapes, to Shan’s horror. David starts to suspect that there is something wrong. But Shan says there is no problem and David drops him at his place. Then he notices that Vinu has dropped his wallet in his jeep.

Shan recounts the story of his friends – Aby(Tovino Thomas), Jessica aka Jessy (Janani Iyer), Cycle(Praveen Prem) and Vinu. Vinu runs an internet cafe. Cycle is the son of a gulf-returnee with a lot of financial problems. Shan is a local correspondent for a newspaper. Aby and Jessica grew up together in an orphanage, and Vinu has a special interest for Jessica and Jessica to him. One day, Vinu’s internet cafe is raided by the police looking for some stuff. Since they couldn’t find anything, the police returns without saying anything to Vinu. That night, Vinu’s house is raided by a goon named Charlie(Yog Japee), who is commissioned by Christopher Moriarty, a fearsome criminal mastermind with a near mythical reputation, to locate a missing sum of Rs. 1.75 crores. They suspect that Vinu took the money from them and gives 36 hours to surrender the money to him.

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