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200 Halla Ho

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Finally we are at another weekend and thank god for that. Bollywood marked its comeback to the theatres with the Akshay Kumar starrer. But since the theatres aren’t open in Maharashtra, unfortunately the review of Bell Bottom will be deferred till either the theatres open here or till it releases on an OTT, which I personally am expecting in a couple of weeks(first week of September). Ok, so brushing that aside for now, I am kick starting my weekend with the review of the new Hindi Film 200 Halla Ho on Zee5. Is it worth your time, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Loosely based on true events, 200 Halla Ho follows the story of an investigation following the massacre of a man by 200 unknown group of women within the court premises. The story definitely is hard-hitting and deserves to be told. The screenplay is quite well written too. The opening sequence is extremely well written and it sets the tone for the rest of the drama. You are engaged and curious as to what you have witnessed although somewhere you would know what is coming your way and the actual reason for the same. Yes, the basic plot point is predictable but the screenplay is such that it will keep you invested throughout. Also certain social evils are tactfully discussed in the screenplay. On the downside, certain scenes seem to be trying a tad too hard to convey the message which in turn comes out as a little preachy. And the climax is a little underwhelming especially when there was a massive unforeseen twist in the pre finale. I expected a little more fireworks but sadly that wasn’t the case. However, taking nothing away from the screenplay that was quite well written and engaging!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are thought provoking and very well written. The BGM is good and blends well with the story. Director Sarthak Dasgupta has done a fine job here tackling the delicate subject quite well. There are a few moments a little before the climax that gives you a high which signifies a job well done by the director without overindulging in the subject.


The performances are the highlight of the film. It amazes me at the amount of talent that is on display here! Indraneil Sengupta as ACP Deshpande has his moments to shine in a cameo. Barun Sobti as Advocate Umesh is earnest and soft spoken which was refreshing to watch. Sahana Vasudevan as Neha makes her presence felt. Sahil Khattar as Balli has looked extremely confident here. A character that will make you uncomfortable and angry, a job well done and can’t wait to watch him in ’83. Flora Saini as Poornima has looked at ease. She is quite underrated and I wish she gets to essay more meatier roles which she is capable of. Saloni Batra as Poorva is first rate. Quite restrained in her approach, she does a good job. Upendra Limaye as SI Patil does an excellent job, he has always been a great actor and glad that he is continuing to get good work. Sushma Deshpande(you may remember her from the hard-hitting film Ajji) as Tarabai Kamble is wonderfully restrained. This could so easily have been a high decibel kind of role, but notice her skills as an actor gently conveying so many emotions in a masterful display of acting. Rinku Rajguru as Asha is truely a bundle of talent and she again does a great job here. The veteran Amol Palekar as Vitthal Daangle is outstanding here. He is such a natural onscreen, it was an absolute pleasure watching him in a film after a long hiatus.


200 Halla Ho is a hard hitting film with some great performances that deserves to be watched for the message it is trying to convey. Available on Zee5.

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