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2 Broke Girls 2011 English Comedy Series Review

2 Broke Girls

Sneha Bhat
3 Star popcorn reviewss

When you have a busy schedule like mine, the only way you can squeeze in time for some Netflix and chill is mostly during the meals. Stuck with more than usual work, I was specifically looking for a sitcom with short episodes, which can get over together with my meals. After careful analysis I zeroed in on 2 Broke Girls. 

It is essentially a story centered around 2 girls, one who has always been broke and other who has recently lost all her wealthy after the arrest of her Ponzi scheming father. They work together as waitresses in a diner, which has its own set of eccentric characters. Each episode brings about a struggle for the girls, which they overcome in some way or the other. 

The one thing I really disliked about the series is its constant ridicule of races, people and clichés. I personally detest stereotypes,  and the series has jokes around all of them plus really problematic ones on shapes, sizes, height etc. Now I am not a prude and I do enjoy a good satire but most of these jokes are not even funny. 

Moving on, there are some good moments in the series. One, since the episodes are short you really don’t get bored of it. The character development of the 2 protagonists is also good which makes a good story arc. A special mention to Jennifer Coolidage, who plays an important side character.  Having seen her in many cameo kinda roles in movies like American Pie, Legally blonde, Another Cinderella Story etc. It was quite a delight to watch her in this series. Its sad how she has been stereotypes into over-the- top-comic-lady kinda roles by Hollywood.

Final verdict is that aside the fact that I did not care for the mean jokes – I did enjoy the series overall. Start this series with low expectations and you will not be disappointed. And lastly, if you are into the Kardashians- you will enjoy it more because their mentions and jokes are in almost every episode. And a certain Ms Kardashian herself makes an appearance. 

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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