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14 Phere

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Surprise Surprise! The second new review of the day because I had finished watching 14 Phere on Zee5 last night. It is raining new releases and I have to push my limits this weekend. Speaking of which it is Vikrant Massey who is pushing his limits too! It was just this month that we saw him in the Netflix Film Haseen Dillruba in which he was absolutely fabulous. And he has another release this weekend. He surely is on a roll but the million dollar question is where 14 Phere is worth your time. Stay tuned!

Story & Screenplay

14 Phere follows the story of a couple in love and wish to get married except that they are from a different caste. Thus they hatch a plan with the help of fake parents to eventually get married. Do they succeed? The story is light and frothy though not very novel. Every once in a while I must admit I enjoy these massy light and frothy entertainers. These are like my comfort food where I don’t need to analyse the film much, rather just sit back and enjoy. But the screenplay has to be engaging. And here, the screenplay is decently well penned. The mood of the drama is set well with a love story blooming only to stumble on the roadblock, in this case the family. Both the families are well depicted too though nothing very unusual. The fun begins when the couple hire fake parents who are designated duties to be parents on both sides. You will find yourself engaged and will also chuckle at the bufoonary on display. The second half though dips slightly although not enough to wreck it completely. But the grip on the narrative definitely loosens up culminating into a lukewarm and predictable climax. Maybe the route taken in the second half could have been explored a little more. But overall a watchable screenplay for sure.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are quite funny and entertaining. The music is alright, no chartbuster songs here though. The BGM is adequate. Director Devanshu Singh who had co-directed one of my favourite films from last year, Chintu Ka Birthday, is again in good form here. He does manage to keep the proceedings light and frothy throughout. A better climax would have been a cherry on the cake but that then there is always a next time.


The performances are quite good. Priyanshu Singh as Chotu is pretty good. Jameel Khan as Amay is absolutely hilarious, I just wish his character was explored a little more. Vineet Kumar as Sanjay’s father has his moments to shine. Yamini Das as his better half and Sanjay’s mother is top notch, I had watched her in Haseen Dillruba too and she was excellent there too. Gauahar Khan as Zubina is the surprise package here! She is absolutely fantastic and hilarious too. Really wish she gets more meaty parts like this! Kriti Kharbanda as Aditi looks gorgeous and has done a terrific job. She has a good screen-presence and makes full use of that here. And Vikrant Massey as Sanjay is once again in top form. He is wonderfully restrained and such a natural onscreen. Really wish to watch more of him going forward as well.


14 Phere is a fun filled frothy ride, a marriage you may choose to attend. Available on Zee5.

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