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Elvis 2022 Biopic Musical English Movie Review

Elvis Movie Review – A Dazzling Chronicle Of An Immortal Icon!

Elvis Movie Review- Watch on Amazon Prime Video. The life of American music icon Elvis Presley, from his childhood to becoming a rock and movie star in the 1950s while maintaining a complex relationship with his manager, Colonel Tom Parker.

Girls Hostel Season 3 Comedy Hindi Review

Girls Hostel Season 3 Series Review – Decent But Lacks The TVF Magic!

Girls Hostel Season 3 Series Review- Watch on SonyLiv. Adulting is hard, and young adults seem to struggle the hardest. A group of young girls hailing from different backgrounds attempt to navigate the hardships life throws at them and try their best to breathe into the system that suffocates them with outdated concepts in the name of culture.

Tanaav 2022 Action Thriller Hindi Review

Tanaav Series Review – A Tense Adaptation Of The Original Series Fauda!

Tanaav Series Review- Watch on SonyLiv. A special force is sent to Kashmir to keep terrorism under control. Team leader kills the leader of the terrorists. Later it was found that the terrorist leader was still alive and was planning something big to upset the peace in Kashmir.