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Ever since Arjun Reddy, I have been a fan of acting acting. And post it, I did watch a few if his other works like Dear Comrade and the outstanding Geetha Govindham. He is one actor that I watch out for each time he has a new release. So when Netflix decided to telecast his latest outing, I was really looking forward to it. Its trailer had him looking like Arjun Reddy once again, was this movie an extension of the same…lets find out.

World Famous Lover is the story of Gautham who takes to writing after his Partner decides to leave him. Anything involving writing does interest me and this story was no different. The screenplay though is the issue here. Not that it is shoddily written but I question the purpose of the two love stories which Gautham ‘writes’. How was it connected to his life. Well there is a dialogue at the end to justify it but sadly it just doesn’t add up. I wasn’t convinced enough. The dialogues are good. Director K Kranthi Madhav has done a decent job though his direction could have done with a little more clarity.

Catherine Tresa has done a decent job. Izabelle Leite is average. Aishwarya Rajesh as Suvarna is the pick of the actors for me and she has just nailed her role by internalising her performance. Raashi Khanna looks pretty and has done a good job. Vijay Deverakonda is once again in good form though he might be getting a bit repetitive. This role was an extension of Arjun Reddy minus the drugs, he could do with some smarter script selection.

World Famous Lover is a decent watch though the narrative doesn’t quite piece together all stories at the end. Watch it if you must…

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