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The White Tiger

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If you are reading tgis we have survived another week, and deserve some rest and watch a few movies along the way. And with a healthy lineup this week, lets get down to reviewing shall we? So I have just finished watching The White Tiger on Netflix. Right from the time its trailer was out, there was a sense on intrigue. I was not sure what to expect, rather was curious. So the question, is it worth investing time in, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Based on the novel by the same name by Arvind Adiga(which won him the Booker Prize in 2008), The White Tiger is the story of a young man who dreams to be big except that he is from a backward class. Will he make it big? And at what cost? Now I haven’t read the book and so I have no reference to fall back on. But the story is deliciously dark which has the potential to slowly grow on you. I am sure the book would have been more detailed, but the adapted screenplay is filled with intrigue too. It brilliantly shows the class divide, thereby also touching on topics of religion and caste. To give you a perspective, there was a movie Sir which I had reviewed. While that did show the divide too, this one is a bit in your face and quite dark. There are no rosy moments. I may stretch my neck a bit and say that this one is more in the Parasite mould, though it would be unfair to match this with that masterpiece. The more you watch, the more you sink into the drama as it keeps getting murkier. One minor criticism, the rain sequence(you will know when you watch it) could have been written better especially how it ends. Should have been more brutal for an even more lasting impact. But other than that I have enjoyed the writing!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are filled with gems. Some of the most poignant one liners are incorporated here that just adds so much value to the drama. The use of music and BGM is impressive. Directir Ramin Bahrani had a tough task at hand and he has come out with flying colours. The direction reeks of grit and darkness that is synonymous with the theme of the movie.


All performances are outstanding. Mahesh Manjrekar as The Stork is impressive in a cameo. Vijay Maurya as The Mongoose is intimidating and definitely makes his presence felt. Nalneesh Neel as Vitiligo is also excellent. Priyanka Chopra Jonas as Pinky looks gorgeous and leaves a lasting impression. It has been a while since I have seen her onscreen, and she doesn’t disappoint on her return. Rajkummar Rao as Ashok is marvelous in a character that is quite conflicting. He may know what is right and wrong but at times still goes ahead and takes the plunge. The find of the movie is Adarsh Gourav as Balram. He has to do a lot of the heavy lifting by internalising and he just nails it beautifully, coming out a notch above the rest. After Rukh and Hostel Daze, this is a huge leap ahead for him!


The White Tiger is deliciously dark and gritty. Tell you what, this film will stay with you a long time after it has ended, it a dark way! Available on Netflix and Highly Recommended.

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