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Nirvana Inn

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Surprise Surprise. A review at the start of the week and we at popcorn reviewss are making a habit of it. It is usually the smaller films that I review during the week, the ones that I could do my bit to give a voice to. And so I have just finished watching the new horror flick Nirvana Inn that premiered on the new OTT platform Cinemapreneur. And the movie is available only for 99 hours(basically a day more), so if you plan to watch it then you need to hurry up. But before that here is my review.

Nirvana Inn follows the story of a boatman who leaves his home to take up the job of a caretaker. Soon people from his past start landing up at the hotel. Also, there is a mysterious masked individual on the loose. How are the subplots connected? The story has the potential to literally blow your mind. Yes it is a mind fuck in more ways than one that has the potential to play tricks with your mind. Mind you the story is niche and will not be understood, let alone liked by everyone. It is highly intellectual and something that will stay with you long after it has ended. The screenplay is leisurely slow, in fact for the first 6 minutes into the film, there is not a single dialogue on display. So the writers let the atmospherics kick in slowly. This is a horror film but more of a psychological one. So if you are going in it, expecting jump scares, you ain’t getting any. The depiction of a guilt ridden individual clouted by depression is accurately depicted here. In fact, the movie also gives a detailed account of the horror that is within us. The monsters unleashed are usually due to a troubled past. And by the end of it, you may find yourself with more questions than answers. The writers do not present any easy puzzles, on the other hand, they hide a few pieces of the jigsaw and leave it to the audience’s imagination. What masterful writing.

The dialogues are minimal. The BGM is spooky and adds a layer of mystery to the drama. Director Vijay Jayapal has done a phenomenal job. His direction is to be savoured considering how audiences are left scratching their heads by the end of the film. Each turn leads to a dead-end, which means the director is victorious.

The performances are excellent. Sandhya Mridul as Leela(notice the names which have a mythological reference parallel to the story, Leela stands for Divine Play/Cosmos) is just excellent particularly in the second hour. She plays the role of a filmmaker staying at the resort with a layer of horror and mystery. Rajshri Deshpande as Mohini (stands for temptress) plays a seductress with ease and without sleaze. Again a layer of mystery to her role. And to top it there is Adil Hussain as Jogi(stands for Saint) who is just so brilliant. Such a complex and layered character and so effortlessly portrayed. Simply outstanding. And that Assamese accent sounded so phonetically correct.

Nirvana Inn is an experimental horror of the highest quality. It is slow and niche but lovers of cinema will lap it up all the way! Horror has a new sub genre – psychological horror. Nirvana Inn available on the new OTT platform Cinemapreneur for 99 hours only (basically a day more). Cost : Rs 149/view.

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