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Middle Class Melodies

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So this is the last of the lot from the weekend and if you have enjoyed every bit of our reviews then please show us some love and spread the word which will help us a lot. Now back to the review. I have just finished watching the Telugu movie Middle Class Melodies on Amazon Prime. A little secret here that I did not watch its trailer and just decided to take a blind plunge into this one – was this movie a pleasant surprise or did it just disappoint, stay tuned.

Middle Class Melodies is the story of a small town boy Raghava who along with his family runs a small eatery in his village but has dreams of shifting base to a nearby city and open a restaurant there. The story is simple yet effective. A point to note here is that the vibe is not typically of a Telugu film which usually has a different take on the dramas in terms of its execution. The vibe here is of a Malayalam film which usually takes simple premises and transforms them into the most beautiful stories. The screenplay is just so well written. It takes a little time to warm up but what a beautiful heart warming journey does this comprise of. And I was amazed with the way humour was so effortlessly interspersed in the drama. The humour is situational and I found myself laughing in more than one places. And that ending was hilariously brilliant! I just don’t have any complaints in the writing department, the writing deserves distinction marks. The only reason if I were to think you may not like the drama is if you haven’t watched enough of South Indian Cinema and are new to the party. But you may still like it😅! The dialogues are crisp, funny and effective. The music and BGM are quite good and gel well with the mood of the drama. Director Vinod Anantoju has done an excellent job here bringing a different flavour, in contrast to what we associate with telugu cinema.

The performances are excellent. Divya Drishti as Gautami just oozes of innocent and stands out like no other. Her simplicity is her USP here. Goparaju Ramana as Kondala Rao is super impressive as Raghava’s father. Chaitanya Garikipati as Gopal is ernest and a friend we wish we all have at some point. Excellent acting! Varsha Bollamma as Sandhya looks so pretty and has done an outstanding job. Her love story with Raghava and their journey together is rather cute and engrossing to watch. Anand Deverakonda as Raghava is the star of the show. His character could easily have been on the lines of Kabir Singh but he is far from that. He is gentle, caring, goofy and sincere all at the same time. I was totally floored by his acting.

Middle Class Melodies is a simple yet feel good film that will make you laugh and leave a smile on your face at the end. It is masterful storytelling, one which makes it a must watch! Highly Recommended and available on Amazon Prime!

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